WoW Hotfixes - Updated July 13

Thats it? Two weeks of nothing major going on and this is all you guys have? What about class balance issues? Or how about afflicted being terrible to see and invisible in VP, as a colorblind person it is literally invisible most of the time.

Rokmora - Stop the adds spawning above 80-90 energy please. Ham-fisted DPS burn literally seconds before a shatter on a fight that is primarily about area denial/control and personal positioning is just stupid.

VP Charges - They do way too much damage on Fort weeks and need a nerf, also the unavoidable AE that happens in those packs is a brutal combo.

BH 1st boss - The bleed needs some consistency changes. I’ve gotten people above 90% and it just continues to tick them anyway.

Neltharus - Chains bugged to all hell, the mammoth still does too much damage, and the timer is too tight. Also, the last boss is still a meme boss, can we please just remove the charge ability.


I can accept my friend group I do M+ with is probably bad, but I would like to see devs take a look at the programming for this boss so he can cast and move at the same time. It’s so frustrating as a tank trying to move him around the room away from lava puddles and one of my idiot DPS baits his charge in the wrong direction… now he’s just stopping and casting in lava the whole way back and empowered despite me trying to reposition him. It’s especially annoying when he drops the one in melee and you’re trying to quickly move him before the charge but now everyone is trying to also move to get the baits correct.

If there’s a better way to do this boss, and a fix isn’t needed someone please let me know.

That is all we got? The state of pvp needs help.

Still no hunter buffs :roll_eyes:

Rdruid need help with mana, more than you think.
1.) We OOM way too fast.
2.) I think we need something to help with clunky dps though.
3.)I just want something to deal with these hunter/priest purges

let’s review how fast a druid loses mana in a high DPS fight unlike other healers who without needing to be mana efficient manage to sustain it very well like shaman, monk or evoker.
the druid’s style of play is to use a lot of hots, this means that unlike other healers, he needs to be constantly pressing the spells again, the spells should either cost a little less or give a reward by gaining mana in some way like the emerald communion of the evoker

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

May 31, 2023

Dungeons and Raids

  • Mythic+
    • Affixes
      • Incorporeal
        • Incorporeal’s immunity effect can now be removed by effects that dispel immunities.
        • Incorporeal Beings are now susceptible to Charm effects.
        • The effectiveness of Incorporeal Being’s Destabilize is reduced if cast while charmed.
          • Developers’ notes: These changes aim to give Warriors and Death Knights more powerful options to counter the Incorporeal affix.
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Does uhh… does that include Mass Dispel?

Does that mean what I think it means? If I charm an Incorporeal, it will cast destabalize on its allies?

That’s insane, and everyone will do that from now on…

Oh my thank goodness! Speaking for the PVP Pauls we love all the attention to raid and M+ tuning! Who needs pvp balance, right?

Yep, that was how it worked when it was briefly hotfixed last week.

But do you really have so much fun trolling Warriors with these totally useless tweaks, maybe you think you’re nice, or that today is April Fool’s Day and not June Fool’s Day? You are offensive and ridiculous!

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Now maybe I’m not getting it but how exactly does this help Warriors?

Are you saying we should now take Shattering Throw, which has a 3 minute CD, and then have to attack and kill them? If anything that’s a nerf to Warriors, it would be better to have nothing than have that.


How does the change to Incorporeal help Unholy DK’s?

The correct fix is change asphyxiate to cover the lenght it needs to deal with the affix, have it closer to the CD when they appear, and if worried about PVP, make this change not affect PVP and keep the 5s.

As it is now, Unholy is still in the same spot, DPS loss, and cant function.

Ooh that is dumb, unless controlling the incorporeal doesn’t actually make you lose your own minion. There’s no way to test it until the next time the affix rolls.

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

June 1, 2023

Items and Rewards

  • Prismatic Bauble’s cooldown has been reduced to 60 seconds (was 120 seconds) for one month.
    • Developers’ notes: For one month, the Prismatic Bauble’s cooldown has been reduced and can be purchased from Jepetto Joybuzz and his Clockwork Assistant in The Wonderworks in Dalaran, floating above the Broken Isles. The Wonderworks can be found down the steps from the Violet Citadel and across the street from Simply Enchanting. Be warned! This very expensive cosmetic item will only have a reduced cooldown and be available from these sources for a month before returning to its original cooldown and being exclusively sold by Dalaran’s legendary and elusive Mad Merchant.


  • Researchers Under Fire
    • Developers’ notes: Players were being delayed by a lack of Altar Stones which we are addressing. Even with more Altar Stones the timer is still super tight. We think another 30 seconds will allow groups to perfect their runs and be more in line with the Titan version once players become more familiar.
    • Added more spawns of Altar Stones as well as made them spawn quicker.
    • The Sundered Flame Forces are being delayed giving players an extra 30 seconds to complete the Investigation of the Djaradin Ruins.

I really doubt that’s what it means. Doesn’t the mob have like a billion hp?

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Another week and no Outlaw Rogue buffs. Worthless dev team.

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Why? For what reason do all these toys have such a long cooldown? If spamming them is the problem, allow them to appear on our own screen only, please.


Be warned? How about be disgusted as an alternative?
200,000 Gold for a toy.
I’d rather spend the gold and gift two players the Alliance chopper mount versus giving you greedy embasshairies 200,000 for a toy.

Bauble not being sold in The Wonderworks as promised?
Any news on when this will happen?