WoW Hotfixes - Updated January 23

May still need a timer adjustment, time will tell. lol.

But these look good.

AV next!

Uncap valor please one upgrade a week is not cool


im curious to see if it needs it after these, time will tell

nerf SMBG 1st boss add HP

nerf add spawn rate on 2nd boss in Azure Vaults

nerf temple 3rd boss tank buster

NERF SMBG? What kind of a joke is that my friend? The key is literally free, highest key being pushed, 0 punishment for wipes. You don’t need nerfs on that key at all. The only key now that I still believe is bad is RLP, 2nd boss is just way too much at once.


Getting io/KSM is too easy.

Never understood the reasoning behind the valor cap. Why would you punish players who want to play the game. I’m so sick of arbitrary time and currency gates meant to prolong content that doesn’t need gating. If someone wants to grind M+ 24/7 for valor, then embrace the players and celebrate their love of the game.


I definetly like a lot of these changes but why was the Azure Vault skip fixed? It was the best way to time keys at higher levels especially in pug groups! We even had to take on more dangerous packs of enemies up front.

I suppose we will just have to all either bring invis pots of have a rogue.

Curious if they will add a profession catch up system for those of us that started late in Dragonflight? The people that started in november are apparently leagues ahead of other players with spec points… Also, hardly nobody using the work order stuff for anything other than super hard/rare recipes?? I think you guys need to rework the work order stuff cuz this ain’t it.

Blizz, do you just always listen to a dozen maybe 2 dozen players on PTR about what class to destroy next or do you just enjoy taking all the hard work from millions of players and throwing it away?

I love you guys but uh
of all the bugs to fix in this dungeon, yall chose this…?

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If they’re grinding M+ for valor, it’s not because they love the game.

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they may not like that part of the game.

TBF, that’s all the damage that boss has. When I learned of the LOS tech, I literally drew a doodle of the little arcane elemental crying into the bookshelf, defeated by stories of the dragons

theres literally a bug that does not spawn a boss which can destroy the key
there’s also a bug on that same boss which can just instagib you because the goals do not spawn
I think these are far more important than dodging some dmg

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for sure, for sure, I definitely had a key break simply because the bird boss couldn’t be engaged. fixing what you can and making sure the challenges in a challenge mode remains a factor is all part of the work. they aren’t exclusive efforts

Oh, thank goodness.


Still a bad trinket and not worth the spark. ( because it works like chi wave in the monk tree )

Very nice changes to HoV, no dungeon needs to be that long. Next up AV, please. Even with the degenerate skip route it’s still insanely tight on the timer.

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Where the LET FLY ducking fix for Nokhud offensive tho???

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