WoW Hotfixes - Updated December 16

all this, and yet, here i am at level 70, and NONE of the rares i killed when i was leveling up my main have reset, yet! when the frag are you gonna fix THAT problem, blizzard?

Thanks for the new demon hunter nerfs , like Michael Jackson sang : THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US!!!

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Please buff rest shaman please

Clearly not enough, should be 100% why would a class that can end and restart the fight every time they want, have a passive healing effect? is retarded with all due respect completely retarded, it should only work with shadow dance and reduced by 80% on PvP combat and make them take 5% of their health every 1s while they are on stealth, fix it asap

ROGUES SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY KIND OF HEALING, why is that so hard to understand???

not enough should be 90%, that’s a spell to agro far mobs why tf should it do damage?

Obsidian collar socket still not fixed? Awesome.

I fully support the nerf of tanks, let them get out of the arena. They tank their dungeons and carry flags on the rating battlefields, mediocrity.

The Hunt changes are so awful that I might die IRL next time I tank a non-elite.

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I don’t know how in pve, but in pvp hunters are also very weak in dragonflight.

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You realize Hemotoxin is a healing reduction debuff not a Rogue heal, yes?

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I have killed Balakar Khan 3x and the quest is still not counted as completed.

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Logged in today, tested macro:

Still broken, cleartarget doesn’t execute

Logged off.

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Quit my Prot Pally. These Nerfs killed the class in PVP. Thanks Bliz.

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  1. Brewmaster is squishy as heck please do something about it.
  2. A huge majority of these dungeons feel like they reverted to their massively overtuned states when they first hit beta. Jade Serpent Temple absolutely slaps. Final boss of Ruby Life Pools also slaps like crazy. You seemingly made stealth changes to multiple boss mechanics and damage values of mobs without telling anyone!
  3. There are outstanding issues with many groups of mobs having too many priority interrupt spells to actually keep up with, which you were told about during beta.
  4. Seriously, I understand it’s the start of an expansion and a season, but +10 keys should not be hitting this hard, especially when you’re trying to make +20 the new gold standard. There are clips of some mobs just outright oneshotting brewmaster Monks for god sakes.
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Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

December 13, 2022


  • Fixed an issue where The Best at What I Do could get stuck at 29/30 progress.
  • Defeating enemies empowered by elemental storms in The Primalist Future will now correctly count towards the following achievements: Thunderstorms in Thaldrazsus, Sandstorms in Thaldraszus, Firestorms in Thaldraszus, and Snowstorms in Thaldrawszus.


  • Rogue
    • Fixed an issue that caused Nightstalker to provide a damage bonus larger than intended for some skills under certain conditions.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Brakenhide Hollow
    • Fixed an issue in Brackenhide Hollow where after a soft reset, enemies would respawn and gates would be closed even if bosses linked to them were defeated.
    • Fixed an issue where Rotbow Stalker’s Bone Bolt Volley was targeting pets.
  • Halls of Infusion
    • The wave gauntlet before Primal Tsunami received multiple adjustments so that it is less punishing.
    • Primal Tsunami
      • Using Shadowstep or Shadowstrike no longer places the Rogue so close to the Primal Tsunami causing them to get them knocked back.
  • The Nokhud Offensive
    • Stormcaller’s Fury now affects a smaller space around Nokhudon Hold.
    • Players can no longer use dragonriding abilities inside Nokhudon Hold while the Nokhudon Stormcallers are active.
    • Fixed an issue causing players to sometimes be hit by Stormcaller’s Fury when double jumping or gliding.
    • Fixed an issue where Rally the Clan from Nokhud Hornsounder could incorrectly be interrupted.
    • Teera and Maruuk
      • Fixed an issue where pulling enemies to Teera and Maruuk during their roleplay sequence will cause them to reset.
    • Balakar Khan
      • Balakar Khan now moves more quickly.
      • Slightly increased the time between casts of Rending Strike, Savage Strike, Conductive Strike, and Thunder Strike.
      • Static Spear’s damage to targets in targeted area reduced by 30% and the damage dealt to all players reduced by 25%.
  • Ruby Life Pools
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Infernocore to function after Kyrakka is defeated.
    • Fixed an issue where Thunderhead’s Rolling Thunder could target distant players who are not in combat which could make running back after dying difficult.
    • The shield from Primalist Flamedancer’s Blaze of Glory is now a Magic effect and can be dispelled.
  • Vault of the Incarnates
    • Eranog
      • Increased the delay before Lava Flow inflicts damage to players.

Items and Rewards

  • Reduced Integrated Primal Fire’s cooldown to 2 minutes (was 3 minutes).
  • Rotten Rimefin Tuna no longer stacks.
  • Obsidian Collar is eligible for socket upgrades. This fix is retroactive and requires relogging.

Player versus Player

  • War Mode
    • Sparks of Life from honorable kills are no longer awarded while in a raid.


  • Reduced the chance of receiving a skill-up from recrafting by 60%.

  • Increased the number of skill points gained from crafting recipes involving Sparks of Ingenuity to 3 (was 1) to better reward you when doing so, and to make it easier to gain crafting skill beyond 50.

  • [EU servers only, NA on next regional restarts] Lowered the amount of crafting orders needed for “[Profession] Services Requested.”

    • Blacksmithing, Tailoring, and Leatherworking reduced to 3 orders (was 5).
    • Engineering, Inscription, and Jewelcrafting reduced to 2 orders (was 5).
      • Developers’ note: To make it easier to satisfy the weekly crafting order quests, we have reduced the number of crafting orders that need to be fulfilled. The major armor professions have more recipes with orders, so for Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Tailoring, requirements have been reduced from 5 to 3. For Jewelcrafting, Inscription, and Engineering the requirements have been reduced from 5 to 2.
  • Alchemy

    • Alchemical Experimentation has received the following changes:
      • The success chance for all Experimentations has been slightly increased.
      • The failure rate for Basic Experimentation has been slightly reduced.
      • Failure now correctly grants loot, skill-ups, and consumes reagents.
      • You can no longer experience a failure twice in a row.
        • Developers’ note: One of the goals with alchemical experimentation was to present a unique and flavorful way of introducing recipes outside of usual reward outlets. We knew there would be players on either extreme (or both!) of the luck spectrum but hoped we could offer enough recipes early that players could feel able to carve out their own niche, while steadily progressing toward a broader array of products long-term. We feel that we were successful in capturing a fun fantasy, but agree with the sentiment that the gameplay needed some improvement. We will keep an eye on this topic going forward and may make additional changes in the future. Thank you for your continued feedback.
  • Engineering

    • Fixed an issue where recrafting P.E.W. x2 would not accept optional reagents.
  • Inscription

    • Fieldmaster Emberath in Valdrakken now offers scribes a set of Crimson Combatant PvP trinket recipes at the cost of Awakened Ire.
    • Fixed an issue where the Empower with Training Matrix optional reagent was not properly displayed on various Inscription weapons.
  • Jewelcrafting

    • Fixed an issue where recrafting Torc of Passed Time would not accept optional reagents.


  • Kryrian Covenant
    • Fixed some issues causing enemies in some Kyrian Covenant Campaign scenarios to not deal enough damage to level 70 players to complete the quest for a long time.
  • Obsidian Citadel
    • Osoria’s Assistance is now only usable outside of combat during “Hands Off Operation” and the damage has been reduced when targeting enemies that are not part of the quest.
    • Fixed an issue that caused “Wyrm Food” to not be completed if “Securing Our Legacy” or “Greatest of Threats” are turned in first.
  • Thaldraszus
    • Fixed an issue on the “Screechflight Scramble” quest line where Harleen Chirpsnide would phase out and block player progress.
    • Fixed an issue was fixed where changing water shoes on “Hydro Tuskarr” wasn’t working properly.
    • World Quests
      • Moved Glisteneing Salamanthers away from Eclipse Lake during “Hydro Tuskarr“ to prevent them from attacking players while on Iskaara Watergliders.
      • Fixed an issue with Iskaara Waterwalkers during “Hydro Tuskarr” where the extra action button for the Net quest item would not appear while using them.
  • Valdrakken
    • Fixed an issue with The Ruby Feast questline that was blocking players from advancing past the first day’s quests.
  • World Bosses
    • Basrikron
      • Fixed an issue with some players failing to receive credit for the world boss quest.
  • World Quests
    • The following reputation rewards have been increased:
      • Normal faction world quests increased to 150 reputation (was 100).
      • The larger elite world quests located at the major elite areas increased to 250 reputation (was 200).
      • The Tuskarr Fishing Frenzy world quests increased to 200 reputation (was 150).
      • The Dragonscale Expedition weekly “Wanted Poster” quests increased to 250 reputation for the non-dungeon quests (was 200).
        • Developers’ note: While we are not increasing the cadence on many of the Dragonflight World Quests, we are adjusting the reputation on some of the World Quests to help some of our players to better progress the weekly “Aiding the Accord” quests.


  • Cobalt Assembly
    • The Cobalt Catch-Up power now appears less frequently after accumulating a certain number of powers, including stacked powers (was 100%).
      • Developers’ note: Cobalt Catch-Up (the power that refreshes duration on all powers) will never go away completely, but it will no longer be trivial to maintain insane amounts of power by simply killing one creature every 5 minutes.
  • Iskaara Tuskar
    • Tavio in Iskaara is granting players who are 13+ renown 250 Iskaara Tuskarr reputation for each type of fishing upgrade reagent they bring him each week. He will continue to give 25 reputation for subsequent extra reagents as well.
    • Made some additional backend changes to “Community Feast” to reduce lag and improve performance.
    • Fixed an issue where the map marker for Iskaara was incorrectly showing that players can earn bonus rewards from the Community Feast after they have earned their Supply-Laden Soup Pot for the week.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Hunters to sometimes not see a reward on the quest “Cooking Utensils” offered by Lil Ki at Renown Rank 2.
    • The Tuskarr net clearing dailies now give 100 reputation (was 15).
    • Fixed an issue where “Community Feast” was not awarding credit while in a raid group.
    • Big Kinook’s recipe for soup has slightly changed, particularly when very large groups of players are helping out. As a side effect, it should be a little bit more difficult to get legendary quality soup.
    • Big Kinook is rewarding his assistant chefs more for a couple of his tasks during the Community Feast:
      • Fishing and Fetching Ingredient tasks increased to 40 reputation (was 25).
      • Protecting the soup from beasts will now give up to 60 reputation when you help defeat the beasts.
      • Luumak the Insatiable will reward 80 reputation when killed after reaching Legendary status on the soup.
      • Bisquis will now drop an additional 50 reputation each time he is killed on top of the 50 you get for killing him once each day.
      • Bisquis will give an additional 10 reputation each time you fill the legendary soup bar up to an additional 50. 150 reputation max.
  • Valdrakken Accord
    • The amount of renown required for the quest “Aiding the Accord” has been reduced to 3000 (was 4000).

Keep up the hard work and keep up with these long winded hotfixes. Because I love to read them. (I don’t care what others think of my take.)


You really haven’t captured a fun fantasy at all. The entire mechanic is awful. It’s one of the most frustrating things ever added to the game. There is no “carving a niche” when there’s so few recipes and so many players. You’re just punishing people who have had bad luck for no reason.


At first skimming this, I read, “Rotten Rimefin Tuna no longer stinks,” and laughed my butt off.

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Any chance of Contagious Cowardice getting cleared in sanctuaries? :hope:

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Defensive Stance change is effecting all 3 specs, not just Protection as listed in the patch notes.

Tooltip error?

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