WoW Hotfixes - Updated April 18

Any explanation of why are you crippling BM AOE damage (M+ viability) to solve a non-existing problem with ST for BM hunters?

Just remove the stupid Raz’s bow from the game… its just Fing us up… week after week


Could have increased those both by 150% and I’d still be too weak to quest by myself. Not even kidding. Anything more than one at a time or one of the tougher bad guys and all I can do is spam heal myself until I am rescued by some more dps/tanky type passer by or dead.

Week after week you seem to cripple Hunters, specifically BM hunters. From the start of the expansion, it has been nothing but bad news for hunters. Deleting Double Tap (marksman). Nerf to bow, Buff to hunters in place of Nerf to bow. Nerf 5% overall, Nerf 10% to Kill command(which we get back next tier as 2p) 3% overall Nerf. I get that BM has great single-target damage, but outside of that one thing we don’t shine at all, and these constant nerfs don’t help people want to play the game when I have invested 27 Days played in Dragonflight on the Hunter alone. This expansion was off to a great start content-wise, now if you could please get out of your own way and not ruin the rest of the expansion with your inability to stop from ruining the classes we play this game through that would be swell.


Lmao, you are delusional, warriors are fine. They are in the top 5 overall, and top 10 damage to bosses. Simmer down. At least you have a spec that is worthy.

This is the problem with the classes that truly need attention… .shaman, mage, dk… ppl like you crying for unnecessary buffs.


prediction: overbuff unholy again
over nerf ret
leave fury war in garbage tier unless they continue to duck with their tier set
forget about mages
bad hunters continue to qq when good hunters giga pump
leave enhance shamans broken and ele garbage
spriest barely exists
druids busted


Might wanna add, “continue to ignore Vengeance DH’s to that list”

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Revert the BM hunter 3% nerf, hell! revert the 10% KC nerf as well, and just delete the stupid Raz’s bow… just a small fraction of the Hunter population was able to obtain it, and you are crippling every single hunter spec on M+, for both AOE and ST… this is ridiculous.

At least talk to us Devs, WTF are you thinking, give us your reasoning.


Hello! Here are today’s hotfixes:

APRIL 11, 2023


  • Gamepad
    • Fixed an issue where some targeted spells were not starting in the correct location while using a gamepad.
    • Fixed an issue where a centered cursor could block mouse input while using a gamepad.
    • Fixed an issue where some targeted spells were unintentionally cancelled while moving or jumping while using a gamepad.
    • Fixed an issue where the targeting reticle could disappear with a centered cursor while using a gamepad.

This. this. this.

You know what I think healing spells that are SO bad no one even uses them needed? A 5.5% nerf.

Could have at least excluded healing wave and healing surge from the blanket, lazy shaman nerfs… but that would have required thinking about it for more than well, not at all.

These developers are lazy. We should demand better for a game we’re paying a monthly sub for.


Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

April 12, 2023

  • Warlock
    • Demonology
      • Fixed an issue where Annihilan Training, and Antoran Armaments would benefit Grimoire: Felguard.

Congratulations, once again you have single handedly destroyed the paladin. If you’re going to nerf us nerf Death Knights, Demon Hunters and Warriors too. We do significantly less damage and can barely survive in PvP.


Rage of the Sleeper sounds like something that happens when my kids wake me up at 9 am on a Saturday.


Great, there goes yet more damage for demo locks. Why don’t y’all make next seasons set bonuses dead in the water before we ever get it.

Ret paladins finding out they aren’t as good as they thought they were.

If you can’t survive, that’s a you issue. You have a toolkit to help you survive. If that immunity isn’t enough for you, try hitting something other than the W key.


WAITING for Evoker to be at the same level of survivability as other classes. WoW needs to stop pissing on Mail armor classes.


Man warlocks are really just a machine gun shooting out bugs these days


Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

April 13, 2023


  • Warlock
    • Developers’ note: We discovered some unintended functionality with multiple Warlock talents and are fixing those now before the next season starts. We expect the impact of these fixes on player power to be minor, and we’ll monitor and make adjustments if necessary.
    • Fixed an issue where Summon Soulkeeper could be cast while moving.
    • Demonology
      • Fixed an issue where Immutable Hatred would benefit Grimoire: Felguard.


  • Players who were stuck on “A Difficult Legacy” will now be able to progress if they abandon the quest. It will now reset conversation progress.

See, that’s the problem, y’all are wrong. GFG should benefit from talents that affect Felguards. Removing these makes GFG less desired and basically a Reign of Tyranny buffer pet. Meanwhile, no buffs to other demons like Vilefiend which does joke damage.


Please no, just make it instant cast then lol. Let us have that little bit of movement.

So, to be clear on this, this isn’t going to be a “minor” power dropoff like you suggest.

GFG just took a what, 40%? damage hit from previous bug fix, and now if IH was affecting it, that’s substantially more damage.

Now I’m not going to sit here and say re buff GFG to compensate, because I don’t think it needs it, however a little bit of damage thrown our way in terms of sustained damage would be nice, like a damage boost to Dreadstalkers auto atttacks would be probably good to send our way.

But we should also remember, our tier set revolves around GFG next tier, and assuming these bugs were what are propping that ability up right now, means our tier set and GFG itself essentially only exist to buff our tyrant.

That’s not good.

GFG has a longer CD then tyrant, yet does substantially less damage even when bugged, honestly with these huge damage losses to the ability, GFG should probably get compensated, and at the very least demo as a whole get compensated somewhere in the kit.