WoW Hotfixes - May 7

I loved when DK had presences. Fun stance dancing! :slight_smile:

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This fix now made these racials to reduce the CD of the pvp trinket by 30 seconds: details

Speaking of racials, buff worgen’s Darkflight please, it’s way too underwhelming for what it does for a 2 min cd, and nerf Night Elve’s Shadowmeld, it’s way too oppressive in pvp for a 2min cd

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For the love of Thrall, just hotfix the bug that makes the “Fearless Spectator” and “Renowned Explorer” titles disappear and re-appear at random when players mount/dismount, already! these little hotfixes are good, and all, but i actually did what was required for those titles, and seeing the chat window constantly telling me i lost those titles, at random, is getting annoying! fix the frickin’ bug! like, what good are the frequent bug report threads of this issue, on the forums, if you’re not gonna do anything about the bug?


Buff MW’s mana but nerf their Revival ability in pvp. It’s way too good, everyone just wants only MW now in RBGs they dispell things with no punishment which makes it oppressive to counter-play

February 21, 2024


  • Rogue
    • Outlaw
      • Fixed an issue with Echoing Reprimand that allowed Slice and Dice to trigger effects like Ruthlessness and Restless Blades as if spending 7 combo points.


  • Waycrest Manor
    • Fixed an issue where receiving Aura of Dread can interrupt a player’s channel.

when are you gonna fix the Fearless Spectator and Renowned Explorer titles, so we don’t lose them at random, huh? what good are all the bug report threads in the forums if you folks at Blizzard aren’t gonna fix the bug? hmmm? fix. the. bug!

Great stuff, you are all heroes

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“fixed” “Issue”

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February 26, 2024


  • [With realm restarts] The maximum number of Follower Dungeons that a player can enter in a 24-hour period has been increased to 50 (was 10).
  • The presence of Followers in dungeons no longer decreases the XP earned by the human players.

Player versus Player

  • Fixed an issue preventing Arathi Blizzard from being queued.

I’m sorry to have to sound whiny here but this possibly cannot be the only PvP change for almost the last 2 months in retail? Havoc Demon Hunters have become so out of control since 10.2 and all the previous nerfs to them have failed to bring them in line.

We’ve been struggling here and all you’ve given us is a bug fix for a brawl that is hardly ever active, retail NEEDS tuning changes desperately, how can you guys read the Arena forum the last few months and not give us anything to alleviate the issues with class balance? Have you not noticed the giant wall of Nerf DH posts?


Linxy, with all due respect, I don’t understand the lack of PvP tuning.

It’s very clear that there’s some serious balancing issues & mmr issues that need addressing.

The feedback VIA PvP forums (both reddit & official forums) is constantly being ignored; why?

Why is the small group of SoD devs doing a better job at tuning than the much larger group of devs on retail?

We’re all paying $15 a month to keep up with the game, please put some effort into PvP balancing/mmr issues.


This is probably what (honestly) genuinely hurts the most, waking up on almost a daily basis to see SoD get a blue post while Arena is lucky to get more than 3 a year.

I’m happy SoD is getting issues addressed and fixed but figuratively it feels like we’re watching the favourite sibling get all the attention while we’re forgotten and at most get a turnip for our birthday and Christmas and they get prime rib for dinner every night.


We’re less than a week out from the next installment of the AWC – they’re not going to make balance changes so close to that event. Gotta hold on tight to their illusions of grandeur in E-sports.

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Great beans, that will make dps queues shorter for all if it’s decent to just hop in and play the dungeons w/ bots

ya that’s cool, how about you guys stop ignoring pvp

pathetic lack of tuning. insanely lazy and tone deaf and for what? awc? for the players so insanely good that they can adapt to any and all changes? gross.


PvP has been driven into the ground over the last 2 seasons and still no changes or fixes?


would be nice if we can some tuning on retail in PvP specificaly the DH and resto druid are a aberration


PvP is fixed everyone :blush:

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I think somewhere in the notes I read that they reverted the nerf to Deathstrike for dks…wait nope…just my imagination! Until next week when I imagine more changes!