WoW Hotfixes - May 7

No, the existing Plunderstorm game modes should not be changed for people who don’t want to PvP. Battle Royale = get good or get farmed (or don’t play).


Games are made to be fun. Blizzard themselves say this mode is for everyone to enjoy.
If only those can have fun who are good at PvP, the developers may have failed in their design goal.

It is not Battle Royale, it is a PvEvP grind game mode with the main objective to earn plunder. If I can not complete the quest in 4 out of 5 rounds, because some idiots are griefing, it is not a skill issue but a balance issue between PvE and PvP.
If players can not wait to kill even if higher plunder is an incentive, players must be forced to not kill for 60s.


can we fix the chat windows please


Sometimes games are made to be fun, other times they’re made to make money. But motivations aside, no game is fun for everyone, and as soon as you make it more fun for one group of people, you make it less fun for others. Blizzard saying that it’s for everyone is more of a marketing thing to encourage casuals to try it.

Plunder is a progression reward towards the FOMO cosmetics; it is the main objective for people who don’t enjoy the gameplay. A PvP player would say the main objective is to be the last person alive (which gives the Victory screen).

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Terrible change.

March 27, 2024


  • Fixed bugs causing mounts related to A World Awoken to be unavailable, including Bestowed Ottuk Vanguard, Bestowed Trawling Mammoth, Bestowed Thunderspine Packleader, Bestowed Sandskimmer, Bestowed Ohuna Spotter, Coralscale Salamanther, Stormtouched Bruffalon, and Taivan.

Player versus Player

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Splintered Sparks of Dreams from dropping from PvP sources while eligible for catch-up.


  • The Storm’s fury swells! Lightning strikes during the final stage of the Storm are faster and more dangerous than before.
  • There is now a delay of 20 seconds after being revived where players no longer drop collected Plunder.
  • Additional enemies now spawn at Witherbark Village, the wild area northeast of Go’Shek Farm, and the wild area between Witherbark Village and Boulderfist Hall.
  • Fixed an issue where swapping back to default sword and gun appearances were not saving correctly.
  • Fixed an issue so that now, picking up an additional rank 2 spell while the same rank 2 spell is equipped properly grants the rank 4 version of the spell.
  • The Captain’s Orders quest “X Marks the Spot” now requires 1 item to be picked up (was 2 items).

All the mounts got fixed for me except the salamanther, shows up but says I haven’t earned the achievement “Into the Storm” even though I have. I also still don’t have the netherwing drake color.


Can you massively bump plunder? Maybe have the Daily quest give 2500 plunder and the regular captains order give 1000?


Can you please move the plunder storm update into the plunder storm section and properly tagged as Plunder storm Hot fixes?

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It’d be nice if the Kill 2 elites would be changed to 1, or make it so players count as elites.

Fix drop rate for “[Tetrachromancer]” PLS…


Please consider giving buff plunder earned, at least after achieving renown 40.

After the hotfix March 27, 2024 I have the achievement Into the Storm but don’t have the Coralscale Salamanther reward. Not in the mail either.


I don’t have the Coralscale Salamanther either even though I have the achievement.

Was the bold header “Plunderstorm” not apparent enough for you?

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Was the point not obvious enough for you?

That you’re unable to self-restrain yourself? Yes it was obvious. Was my point as subtle as bold header text?

Self-restrain? Legit no idea what you are on about there friend

Asking for Plunder updates to have their own posts and section isn’t exactly far reaching idea, and a simple request that has absolutely nothing to do with reading headers.


Same issue here. Opened a ticket already requesting a Game Master grant me the mount. The achievement was earned before the patch, But if you look in my mount list, It’s greyed out.

Hoping a Game Master can grant my request.

Here is my new strategy for Plunderstorm:

I will keep going the final 2 renown levels until 20, to get the parrot I want.

Until then, every time I get into an uncomfortable situation where a PvP encounter can not be avoided, while bearing less than 200 plunder, i will press Alt-F4 and relog into the game.
This will save me a lot of frustration, because it feels more like a fresh start. The spectator mode (and loading-screen) feels like a punishment.
Therefor Alt-F4 feels faster to restart, even if it may not actually be faster (I didn’t measure).

I will consider continuing to renown 40 after my vacation, if PvE friedly changes (60s timer, …) are made to Plunderstorm.

If not: After all boring reskins with armor are mounts, PvP players deserve.