WoW Hotfixes - January 8

Still didn’t get my antlers and still having issues with the Lavatouched seed. Still telling me to loot nearby chest even though I checked all other seed location and they are all empty


As a suggestion, I would do a “nightmare” version of the antlers for the dream on achievement.

Reason being is so folks that have the nightmare xmog from xavious have a matching helmet.

Just as a humble suggestion.
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Same. I completed the Treasure achievmemt late last night and didnt get the antlers. :confused:

Treasures of the Emerald Dream again rewards the Forest Lord’s Antlers.

  • Developers’ notes: While this was originally intended to be the reward for the Dream On achievement, a bug resulted in it being rewarded by the Treasures of the Emerald Dream achievement, so we’re going to leave it there permanently and look for something else to potentially reward for Dream On.

So if we completed the Treasures of the Emerald Dream already, will the antlers be rewarded to those that have already completed that achievmemt? If they will now not be rewarded from Dream On? Because I completed the treasure achievment and did not recieve them.

Yea, i go oom if healing a DH, DK, or Rogue…

Logged on after maintenance and still have a seed bugged and no antlers. Guessing the hotfix didn’t work

just checked and still nothing :frowning:

Okay there’s a hotfix. But I can’t log in. Get to the character select screen an then get booted out. Is there a fix for that ?

Guardian of Elune , This talent doesn’t work either.

The “Survive the Night” quest is still bugged and doesn’t allow for the collection of wood from any of the trees.

Guardian of Elune works fine?

for extending ironfur, both with and without Ursoc’s Endurance, etc. nothing unexpected here. getting the full 12s for base 7, UE 2, GoE 3.^0%24Separate%24%23909049%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%240.0.0.Any%24false%24192081&view=events&ability=213680

for boosting frenzied regen by 20%, it also appears to work fine. note the first four ticks are the FR with goe, the last 4 are without.

kinda ded talent tho

This is still not fixed after testing, neither is the blood frenzy fix you did yesterday. When you say you fix something please make sure it is actually fixed before you push it to live.


This is still broken, and it’s not only innate resolve. verdant heart is not working either.

The hotfix did not solve my problem with this. I have encountered the same issue with other nodes but went around and looted the spawned chest and that fixed it for the others but the Lavatouched Lillies constantly states that there is a chest nearby to open. We get mailed loot from dungeon bosses if we don’t loot it, why can’t the same thing happen with things like this???

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100% agree. I am STILL having issues with the Lavatouched Lilies. The idea of it getting mailed to us is a good idea!

I think making dark ascension all magic damage instead of just non-periodic could be a good buff for spriests

After some testing in game against the training dummies, this hotfix has not been implemented.

At full health, my frenzied regeneration was healing for 75,517 per tick, which was 8% of my health per tick.
At <20% health, my frenzied regeneration was healing for 75,517 per tick.

Additionally, Frenzied Regeneration is currently not benefitting from the healing portion of Versatility. It did benefit from the healing portion of Versatility last season.

Any update on replacing the missing gear for folks who used the Boosts? It’s still a problem.

May need to investigate possible crash loop near the Dawn of the Infinite dungeon area in southern Thaldraszus. Had to immediately hearth out and almost had to request character reposition to not crash out within 10-15 seconds of logging back in.

Survive the night still broken, no wood able to be gathered.