WoW Hotfixes – Updated October 12

how wonderful

What exactly does this mean? How did it use to function?

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Like, the enemies are dispelled in a random order or their buffs are? Same for allies? Wasn’t it everything at the same time?? I r confoos

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??? Popo is a girl though. She’s got the girl Steward voice


Yeah, it’s there. I rode it to the Vault before I knew there was a Vault, or why I’d want to go there.
Anyone seen The Pixie girls horse?

is a awsome idea make it alot fun , can u do it in mystic dungen plspls

anything in the works to address pets despawning on eye of the jailer in SoD? happened twice to my hunter last week on the same fight. parse killer.

it means you can no longer reliably dispell both targets on remnant and get both knocked back the same way it means blizz hate it when raiders figure out way to make mechs easier

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Hiya everyone! Here’s today’s hotfixes:

JULY 21, 2021


  • Druid
    • Born Anew’s (Conduit) primary stat bonus reduces to 20 upon the beginning of a new encounter.
      • Developers’ note: The intent of this bonus is to provide a benefit when using resurrections in combat. But it is best to avoid situations where players might feel compelled to min/max something like this before starting a pull.
  • Priest
    • Shadow
      • Shadow Crash’s (Talent) ground visual will now match the area effect.
      • Void Volley’s (PvP Talent) ground visuals will now match the area effect and has more defined edges.
  • Warrior
    • Arms
      • Fixed an issue where Swift Patrol (Niya Soulbind) caused the auto-attack timer to reset.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Players now have a 2 second grace period to keep their vision of targets within the area contained by the Soul Chains between the Soul Cages during the Mor’geth encounter.
  • Reduced the number of Prince Renathals in Sinfall. Press F to pay respects.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Sanctum of Domination
    • Defeating Sylvanas Windrunner on Mythic difficulty will now reward 2 Vengeance’s Reins.
    • Remnant of Ner’zhul
      • Players can no longer cause a second orb to become non-interactable while carrying an Orb of Torment.
  • Plaguefall
    • You must now defeat the first three bosses of the dungeon before the door to Margrave Stradama opens on all difficulties.
      • Developers’ note: The first two bosses of the dungeon were frequently being skipped in lower-difficulty dungeons, typically by groups who were trying to earn Renown much faster than intended. To improve players’ Renown earnings, we’ve also added a chance for Renown to be earned by completing layers in Torghast (see hotfix below).

Items and Rewards

  • Teleporter Repair Kits should no longer have a Unique count and will now stack to 50.
  • Repaired Riftkeys will also now stack to 50.
    • Developers’ note: Early in development, Teleporter Repair Kits and Repaired Riftkeys were only available from the vendor. Based on player feedback of not knowing if they were worth purchasing, we decided to have them drop occasionally as well. Now that these items dropped and became out of player’s control, we should have removed the unique cap on the Teleporter Repair Kits then. Also, since you have access to purchasing the Teleporter Repair Kits or Repaired Rift Keys, we are disabling them from going to mail if you loot one with a full inventory so they will no longer fill up your mailbox.
  • The item levels of Conduits sold by the Rated PvP vendor have been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Salvaged Fusion Amplifier was not dropping for Marksmanship and Beastmaster Hunters.


  • Fixed an issue during “Nal’ragas” that caused internal text to be visible to users of certain nameplate addons.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Renown is now a possible reward from Torghast completions, with better chances at Renown coming from higher Torghast difficulties.

Can we please get some communication about the anima cap? I dont know why its being ignored.


This Plaguefall change hurts for leveling with Threads of Fate. Plaguefall is going to go from the fastest dungeon to clear to the slowest (I try and clear every dungeon on an average of 10-12 minutes (depends on the tank class I’m playing), so 5-6 per hour.) This takes what is already a lengthy grind and makes it that much worse.

Anyone who levels a lot of toons knows that the big XP is the reward at the end for finishing, the XP that trash/bosses reward is so little in comparison it makes pulling any extra mobs / killing any extra bosses not worth it. Maybe you should adjust that so there’s more incentive to kill the bosses vs race to the end for the bonus XP.


You annoyed too many players trying to do the maldraxxus callings.


Oof, it’s a good thing I got my slime serpent mount already. Seems like a pointless change but that’s the Blizzard way baby.

while I agree with the change I have to say, “fun detected, fun nerfed”

player opinion/ notes: part of the fun in any game is finding creative ways to use a game mechanic in ways that are not obvious. corruptions for example, the negative effects should have detoured players from stacking too much but through certain combinations some classes and players were able to effectively use well over the limit.

but again with such clever use of game mechanics shouldn’t be so broken that it becomes an “i win button”

as such, and in the same way corruptions were capped to 200 insanity so to should nerfs to fun be kept in mind so that the element of fun still exists but not to an extent that is out of hand.

TLDR, when nerfing fun, please try to only nerf it to be in line with other things and not nerf them into non existence. ty.

Is this farmable? Does the Renown drop rate decline or go to zero after earning some number of Renown this way?

I’d switch Covenants yesterday if I could spend a day in Torgy catching up on Renown while also earning Soul Ash needed for a new legendary.

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boo. bad change. big thank you to the ten people who whined endlessly in GD to get this “fixed”


Oh that’s an excellent question! I was thinking about changing covenants for my lock, but I just haven’t bit the bullet yet.

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yeah i just swapped on my shaman last night not realizing the PF farm had been removed. i would love to know if the chance is like “10% per completion at layer 8 increasing to 30% at layer 12” or if it’s going to be reasonable

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Good to see that you get two mount drops now.

I don’t like that devs continue to design things out of concern of people who no life this game. Why was time spent on this? It adds 0 value to the game experience.