WoW Hotfixes – Updated May 27

That bugged puzzle is happening again. This time without an attached world quest.

Also the Protector of the First Ones seemingly has a habit of being “up” but having the rune consoles for it go AWOL not displaying or accepting runes.

With the release of this latest update I have one toon that has pretty much all locations set from levels 10-50. Only area that is set differently is the Shadowlands area. And all my other toons are set to the normal level i.e. Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms from about 10-30. I uninstalled the entire game and reinstalled it only for it to remain. I’ve done everything that I could do at my end. I need help getting this toons map locations set back to the normal levels.

Hello! Here are today’s hotfixes:

FEBRUARY 28, 2022

Cypher of the First Ones

  • Pets are no longer visible to other players during the Toccatian and Glissandian Protolock puzzles.
  • Cypher talent “Trebalim Understanding” will no longer incorrectly state that another character is researching it.

Creatures and NPCs

  • The Anima Reservoir in Haven will now have a permanent icon on the minimap.

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed an issue where players only had a chance to loot the Deepstar Polyp from Hirukon once a day, even if they completed the puzzle and returned to defeat Hirukon again that day.
  • The Coilclutch Vine for the Deepstar Polyp puzzle is now visible across all phases.
  • Zereth Mortis’s aurelid mounts will now properly move at a ground mount speed appropriate to your Riding skill when used in areas where flying is prohibited.
  • The Hearty Dragon Plume and Fiery Brimstone toys should now work in Zereth Mortis, the Maw and all other Shadowlands outdoor zones.
  • The Cypher-Etched Torque and Cypher-Etched Lavaliere now correctly binds on pickup.


  • Fixed an issue where some enemies for the quest “To Silence the Bonespeakers” could sometimes be higher level than intended.
  • The Coilclutch Vine for the Deepstar Polyp puzzle is now visible across all phases.

This is still not working for me. I can see it if I move out about 100 yards and use a far sight item, but it disappears when I get close in.

3/1/2022 Update: After server reset, I can now see the Vine. Thanks!

Here are the changes that went live today:

MARCH 1, 2022


  • Druid
    • Balance
      • Fixed an issue where Celestial Pillar (2-piece Set Effect) would not be activated if triggered too quickly.
  • Monk
    • Mistweaver
      • Reverted a change in Eternity’s End to Fallen Order’s (Venthyr Ability) Crane Adept’s Enveloping Mist cooldown and cast variance that caused Enveloping Mist to only be cast once per summon.
        • Developers’ notes: In 9.1, it was identified that the Crane Adept guardians summoned by the ability Fallen Order would cast an additional Enveloping Mist if players reached a certain amount of Haste. Generally, we try to avoid these “Haste Breakpoints” that introduce big jumps in power with arbitrary amounts of a particular stat. In 9.1.5, we shared that we intended to fix this problem in the player’s favor, by ensuring that the Adept’s always cast Enveloping Mist twice per summon. However, upon further review, we opted to not make this change due to balance concerns. For 9.2, we made a change early in development that caused Fallen Order Adepts to be limited to casting a single Enveloping Mist. We are reverting that change via hotfix so that Fallen Order will have the same functionality as it does in 9.1.5. In the future, we will be looking at Fallen Order’s tuning and might make adjustments, but we do not want to make such a large change to this ability before Season 3 starts.
  • Shaman
    • Restoration
      • The bonus damage from the Raging Vesper Vortex (Kyrian Runecarving Power) has been reduced by 35%.
  • Warlock
    • Affliction
      • Fixed an issue where Malefic Rapture would consume a Soul Shard despite having Calamitous Crescendo (2-piece Set Effect).
  • Warrior
    • Protection
      • Damage of all abilities increased by 6%.

Creatures and NPCs

  • The Ancient Translocators for the Sepulcher of the First Ones and Antecedent Isle will now appear on the Zereth Mortis zone map.
  • Antros’ Dark Deterrence no longer persists after completing the encounter.
  • Mounts are now disabled on top of the quest characters in the center of Haven.
  • Fixed an issue where the vines to start the Gluttonous Overgrowth encounter would not respawn.
  • The Engulfer’s health now increases as more players engage it in combat.

Cypher of the First Ones

  • The “Sopranian Understanding” Cypher talent is now locked while being researched on an alternate character.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Sepulcher of the First Ones
    • Volatile Sentries will now correctly detect stealthed and invisible players.
    • Vigilant Guardian
      • Volatile Materium now activates more quickly after all currently activated Volatile Materium have been defeated.
      • Pre-Fabricated Sentries now activates more quickly in an attempt to keep two Pre-Fabricated Sentries active.
    • Artificer Xy’mox
      • The visual of the Genesis Rings now better matches the effect.
      • Reduced the damage of Hyperlight Sparknova by 30% on all difficulties except Mythic.
      • Artificer Xy’mox now uses abilities at a slightly less frantic pace while below 30% health.
    • Prototype Pantheon
      • Fixed an issue where players were unable to loot The Prototype of Absolution upon completion of the encounter.
    • Halondrus the Reclaimer
      • Reduced the amount of damage absorption provided by Reclaim by 20% on Normal and Heroic difficulties.
      • Reduced the amount of damage Reclaim gains periodically to 25% of its initial value on Normal and Heroic difficulties (was 50%).
      • Reduced the base speed of Ephemeral Motes by 20% on Heroic difficulty.
    • Anduin Wrynn
      • The healing absorbed by Anduin’s Befouled Barrier has been reduced by 25% on Normal difficulty and reduced by 30% on Heroic difficulty.
  • Plaguefall
    • Fixed an issue that caused Ickor Bileflesh’s Ghost Step to spawn Margrave Stradama early.
  • Mythic+
    • Mythic+ Rating colors have updated rating requirements due to the addition of the two Tazavesh dungeons. Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary now require 25% more overall rating than they did before.
    • Enemies that are part of a dungeon boss encounter are no longer affected by the Bolstering affix.
      • Developers’ note: Bringing additional enemies into a boss fight is a common tactic at higher key levels, and the current interaction of Bolstering with bosses largely prevents players from using that tactic. We’ve discussed this interaction and feel that it’s not necessary to our goals for the affix, so we’re making an adjustment with the hope of opening up more strategic choice during Bolstering weeks.
    • So’leah’s Gambit
      • Timecap’n Hooktail
        • Fixed an issue where Corsair Brute could trigger affixes.

Items and Rewards

  • The Dominance Key will no longer drop once you’ve opened the Domination Cache in the Endless Sands area of Zereth Mortis.
  • Many Uncommon (green) quality items in Zereth Mortis will now correctly drop as Bind on Equip instead of Bind on Pickup.
  • The upgrade cost of Aspirant and Gladiator equipment has been reduced.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause Bell of the Endless Feast to stack much more quickly than intended.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed the Cache of Sepulcher Treasures to drop the fist weapon, Domination’s Deliverance.
    • Developer’s note: This week’s Timewalking cache is only intended to contain loot from the first 8 Sepulcher of the First Ones encounters. In the future, after all of the raid has been seen by players, it will be updated to include loot from all Sepulcher bosses.
      While it was unintended that this weapon be available to anyone this week, we do not believe that its presence at a Normal Raid power level distorts competitive fairness, so we will not be removing it from characters who received it.

Player versus Player

  • A new weekly quest, “A New Deal” is now available from Zo’sorg in Oribos. Complete activities in Zereth Mortis with War Mode on to earn a selection of new PvP trinkets. Once all trinkets have been collected, additional Honor will be rewarded.
  • Brawls
    • Fixed an issue that caused Warsong Scramble to show up in the calendar twice in the normal rotation.
    • “Something Different” weekly brawl quest is no longer completed when participating in Solo Shuffle.


  • The Irresistible Goop quest item now returns to the player when they return to the quest area for “Feed the Annelids.”
  • The damage done by Generated Shapesmith and Generated Oracle during the quest “Step Into the Ring” has been reduced.

WoW Classic Era and Season of Mastery

  • Fixed an issue causing the Outhouse in the “Locked Away” quest to no longer be interactable until a server reset.
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During the Urh’s buff from encrypted affix, death coil doesnt reduce the DT cooldown.
the same thing happens to the CDR effect from the army of the damned talent.
please fix that.

Fix Frost DK please. We’re broken and unsurvivable.

Below are today’s hotfixes:

MARCH 2, 2022


  • Fixed an issue that prevented character transfers to Roleplay realms.
  • Fixed a disconnect issue when inspecting another player in a Premade Group.


  • Warlock
    • Demonology
      • The duration extension effect from summoning your Demonic Tyrant has had its radius increased to 100 yards (was 40 yards).

Creatures and NPCs

  • Several Rare encounters in Zereth Mortis have had their maximum health reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally one or both sigils would not appear, making it impossible to lower the barrier to engage Protector of the First Ones.
    • Developers’ note: In the event one or both sigils still does not appear when the rare respawns, the barrier will be automatically dispelled after 35 seconds.
  • It is no longer possible to see Feroz and Elder Ara outside the Catalyst Wards and at the entrance to the Catalyst Gardens simultaneously. Quests can be turned in to Elder Ara and Feroz outside the Catalyst Wards while the character has not accepted all three of their quests.
  • Grasslands Raptora’s Bloody Peck now deals damage every 2 seconds (was 1 second).

Dungeons and Raids

  • Sepulcher of the First Ones
    • Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener
      • Fixed an issue where Skolex would sometimes not appear after defeating the four controllers.
    • Artificer Xy’mox
      • Fixed an issue where defeating Xy Reinforcements could fail to interrupt Decipher Relic.
      • Xy Spellslingers will no longer target the same player simultaneously.
    • Lihuvim, Principal Architect
      • Fixed an issue that caused Sundering and Kinetic Resonance to behave unpredictably.
    • Anduin Wrynn
      • Hopebreaker damage over time reduced by 10% on Heroic difficulty.
      • Befouled Barrier requires 25% less healing on Heroic and Mythic difficulty.
      • Befouled Barrier requires 50% less healing on Raid Finder and Normal difficulty.
      • Reduced the health of Grim Reflections by 20% on all difficulties except Mythic.
      • Reduced Beacon of Hope’s Purging Light damage by 20% on Heroic difficulty.
      • Fixed an issue where Rain of Despair was able to damage pets.
  • Mythic+
    • Halls of Atonement
      • Echelon
        • Fixed an issue where Echelon’s Encrypted affix relics would not follow him into the encounter area.
    • Plaguefall
      • Fixed an issue where additional Encrypted affix relics were spawning before Domina Venomblade.
    • Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder
      • So’azmi
        • Explosives no longer spawn during the encounter.
          • Developers’ note: The actual issue here is that Explosives can hit players through So’azmi’s Division walls, but changing that will take time to get right. Since it’s currently Explosive week, we wanted to do a quicker change to address the fight feeling unfair with current functionality.
    • The Necrotic Wake
      • Fixed an issue causing the Xy Relic Dealer to not spawn inside the Stitchwerks after the timer expires.
      • Amarth
        • Fixed an issue causing additional Encrypted affix relics upon Amarth respawning.
      • Surgeon Stitchflesh
        • Fixed an issue causing Stitchflesh’s Creation to hit Encrypted affix relics with Meat Hook.
  • Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder
    • Fixed an issue where the Customs door would not open on Heroic difficulty.

Items and Rewards

  • A finished Kettle of Stone Soup now lasts 15 minutes (was 3 minutes) and has 70 charges (was 35). Delicious!
  • The damage of Toxicialic Fluidic Spheroid has been capped at 6% of the player’s maximum health.
  • Fixed an issue with Toxicialic Fluidic Spheroid to cause error messages while the player is mounted.
  • Enchant Weapon – Crusader healing reduced by 86% and Strength reduced by 14%.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Cache of Sepulcher Treasures to generate its loot based on your loot specialization at the time you acquired the cache. This will now instead use your loot specialization at the time you open the cache.


  • Fixed an issue where the quests “A Jiro Guide to Not Being Eaten”, “Picking Up the Pieces… Literally”, and “Gut Check” were not available.
  • Fixed an issue for the quest “Jiro to Hero” where players could not talk to Hanoa the Exile, and therefore could not start the event.

Nice change! Which ones, specifically? I hope mother phestis is on the list because it’s a cool fight but long! Lol! Thanks for the update.

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Please make N/H Skolex’s Dust Blast scale with player count. We have to get rid of all melee in order to do it on Heroic in a 10 man team.

Heya! Here is the hotfix update for the day:

MARCH 3, 2022


  • Added additional safety measures to help the Traversing the Spheres achievement register correctly.


  • Hunter
    • Costumes for Pocopoc now correctly persist through Feign Death.
    • Survival
      • Fixed an issue where Wildfire Bombs would not damage player totems or Explosive Orbs in Mythic+ dungeons if the totem or Explosive Orb was the primary target of the Wildfire Bomb.


  • Each of the four original Covenant campaign questlines now reward a total of 20 additional Renown.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Sepulcher of the First Ones
    • Several enemies now detect stealth and invisibility.
    • Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener
      • Fixed an issue where Retch was not treated as an area of effect spell in regards to all defensive abilities.
    • Artificer Xy’mox
      • Health of Xy Acolytes reduced by 15% on Raid Finder, Normal, and Heroic difficulties.
      • Resolved an issue where Interdimensional Wormholes could despawn while Genesis Rings were active when Xy’mox was below 30% health.
      • Reduced the pacing of the encounter by 15% on Normal and Heroic difficulty.
      • Improved the visual clarity of Gunship Barrage.
      • Reduced the radius effect of Hyperlight Sparknova.
    • Prototype Pantheon
      • Burden of Sin damage reduced by 25% on all difficulties except Mythic.
      • Added more time before Bastion’s Ward dispel zones despawn upon transitioning between phases.
      • The Prototype Pantheon now pause in their place when beginning Complete Reconstruction and will remain there until all members of the Pantheon are defeated.
      • Improved the visual effect for Pinning Weapon.
      • Fixed an issue where Complete Reconstruction could fail to apply to a Pantheon member.
      • Holy Priest’s Guardian Angel (Talent) will now correctly reduce the cooldown of Guardian Spirit when cast on the Withering Seeds.
    • Anduin Wrynn
      • Anduin’s health reduced by 5% on Heroic difficulty.
      • Remorseless Winter damage reduced by 10% on Normal and Heroic difficulty.
      • Fiendish Soul Health reduced by 25% on Normal and Heroic difficulty.
      • Grim Reflection health reduced by 10% on Normal and Heroic difficulty.
      • Befouled Barrier requires 10% less healing on Heroic difficulty.
      • Befouled Barrier requires 20% less healing on Normal difficulty.
  • Mythic+
    • Halls of Atonement
      • Fixed an issue that caused the dungeon’s Mythic+ Rating to be doubled in certain situations.
    • Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder
      • Bazaar Strongarm no longer triggers affixes that occur on death (such as Bolstering).
    • Theater of Pain
      • Fixed an issue where dueling Gladiators in the Halls of Might could summon their Encrypted affix relics early.
  • Tazavesh: So’leah’s Gambit
    • Updated the Tazavesh Portal Network portal in The Opulent Nexus to now transport players back to Stormheim on Heroic and Mythic+ difficulties.
  • Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder
    • Zo’phex the Sentinel
      • Reduced the health of Containment Cell by 40%.
      • Reduced the periodic damage of Containment Cell by 50%.
    • The Grand Menagerie
      • Alcruux health reduced by 40%.
      • Achillite health reduced by 20%.
      • Venza Goldfuse health reduced by 10%.
  • Hellfire Citadel
    • Gorefiend
      • Fixed an issue that would cause the encounter to reset when engaged by 2 players on Mythic difficulty.
  • Firelands
    • Ragnaros
      • Fixed an issue where The Heart of Ragnaros would not appear after defeating the encounter.

Items and Rewards

  • The following changes have been made to the Cosmic Gladiator’s Resonator trinket:
    • Damage dealt reduced by 18% and can no longer critically strike.
    • Hostile resonators now have a visual to indicate their radius more clearly.
    • Characters within a hostile resonator will now have an indicator debuff applied.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Pure-Air Sail Extensions to increase flying speed.
  • Fluidic and Crystallic Spheroids now have cast time.
  • Fixed an issue where Interrogator’s Vicious Dirk was not dropping from Iska, Outrider of Ruin, High Reaver Damaris, and Reanimatrox Marzan in Zereth Mortis.

Pet Battles

  • Disabled the “back” option for the Pocopoc battle pet.


  • Zereth Mortis daily and world quests now have a higher chance of awarding Cypher Equipment, and a proportionately lower chance of awarding gold or anima.

To whomever is responsible: At least own up to the stealth hotfix applied on Tuesday that changed the BoE necklace drops in Zereth Mortis to BoP.

  • My sibling had one (epic 242) in the guild bank that straight up vanished into the nether.
  • A friend discovered that hers was now stuck on a character she hadn’t planned to use it for.
  • Those that posted it on the auction house forced to eat the deposit cost. (It’s the principle that counts.)

If it’s a change you were dead set on, a compromise of applying the change to later drops would have been the correct choice. It is not as though the BoE necklaces were going to have an outsize impact on player power nor the server economies.

To preface, these are just genuine comments and not at all directed at you Linxy, not intending to come off as rude, so hopefully they don’t. As always, thanks for keeping us updated. <3 (I’ll probably include a message like this any time I reply to a hotfix note, lol. I always fear I’m coming off aggressive)

I appreciate more Renown catchup, but that’s not where it should have been added. It should have been added to Zereth Mortis Rares. What’s the point of catch up Renown if in order to do the catch up we have to do old content? That’s like if you had added Essence catchup to Uldir in BFA. It makes no sense. We already have old content that grants renown, but we don’t want to do old content, we want to do current content and catch up with that. Zereth Mortis’s ONLY source of Renown catchup is the campaign quest, hardly real catch up as it can only be done for one covenant.

…can we get an explanation as to why this was done? What harm was letting us instantly cast a buff doing? O_o

But… the item literally says mount speed. It doesn’t say ground mount speed? A lot of people (not me) spent quite literally hundreds of thousands of gold on ilvl233 full sets of gear with these in them entirely for the flight speed increase. Saw people complaining about it in a few communities before I logged out tonight.

Any update on making the costumes persist through Pocopoc being dismissed/being out of ranged?


2 people like it. 10 hate it. Success in your eyes?

Hello everyone! Here are today’s hotfixes:

MARCH 4, 2022


  • Hunter
    • Survival
      • Fixed an issue that caused Wildfire Bomb to not deal any damage when multiple hunters with Wildfire Infusion talented tried to throw the same type of bomb at the same target simultaneously.
  • Warlock
    • Fixed several issues when applying Succubus glyphs to Summon Sayaad. Warlocks can no longer apply Succubus glyphs to Summon Sayaad and now must visit their trainer to choose Summon Succubus to apply Succubus glyphs.
      • Developers note: Succubus glyphs will be maintained, even when they have chosen Summon Incubus or Summon Sayaad.
    • Destruction
      • Fixed an issue where Destruction’s 2-piece set bonus would grant Rain of Chaos.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Otaris the Provoked’s Charged Barrage is now more melee friendly.

Cyphers of the First Ones

  • Pocopoc will now consistently engage in combat.
  • Pocopoc Energy is no longer lost when returning from an arena or rated battleground.
  • Finishing a Cypher language research will no longer take you out of stealth.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Mythic+
    • Tazavesh: So’leah’s Gambit
      • Ta’piks can now teleport you to The Gilded Landing if you wish to leave the instance during a Mythic+ run.
  • Mists of Tirna Scithe
    • Tred’ova
      • Fixed issue where the visual effect of Acid Expulsion rendered smaller than the actual area of effect.
  • Tazavesh: So’leah’s Gambit
    • Added a confirmation prompt to the instance exit portal that appears after So’leah is defeated.
    • Hylbrande
      • Increased the time it takes for Sanitizing Field to consume the room.
    • So’leah
      • So’leah’s health has been reduced by 15%.
      • Hyperlight Jolt damage reduced by 25% and now increases the damage of subsequent Hyperlight Jolts by 25% (was 50%).
      • Energy Fragmentation impact damage and damage over time reduced by 25%.
  • Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder
    • Reduced the cast frequency of Customs Security Disruption Grenade and increased the detonation time by 0.5 seconds.
    • Reduced the cast frequency of Interrogation Specialist’s Stasis Beam.
    • Reduced the cast frequency of Cartel Skulker’s Quickblade.
    • Cartel Lackey health reduced by 35%.
    • Bazaar Strongarm health reduced by 30%.
    • Fixed an issue causing Bazaar Strongarms to become very large after gaining many applications of Unrelenting.
    • Mailroom Mayhem
      • Unstable Explosion impact damage reduced by 30% and damage over time reduced by 30%.
    • Myza’s Oasis
      • Health of Unruly Patrons reduced by 20%.
      • Zo’gron’s health reduced by 10%.
    • The Grand Menagerie
      • Reduced the cast frequency of Venza Goldfuse’s Whirling Domination.
      • Chains of Damnation health reduced by 20%.

Items and Rewards

  • Cypher-Bound Chests, Avian Nests, Mawsworn Supply Chests, Tarachnid Eggs, Discarded Automa Scrap, Forgotten Treasure Vaults, and Sandworn Chests found on the main landmass of Zereth Mortis will now respawn more quickly and despawn less quickly once opened.
  • Slightly increased the quantity of Cyphers of the First Ones found in Cypher-Bound Chests, Avian Nests, Mawsworn Supply Chests, Tarachnid Eggs, Discarded Automa Scrap, and Forgotten Treasure Vaults.
  • Fixed an issue that caused trinkets awarded from World Quests in Zereth Mortis to be an item level lower than intended.

Player versus Player

  • The following items and their effects are now reduced in PvP combat:
    • Raid Trinkets
      • Brood of Endless Feast – Rabid Devourer Chomp damage reduced by 60% in PvP combat.
      • Cache of Acquired Treasures – Acquired Wand reduced by 70%. Vicious Wound reduced by 50% in PvP combat.
      • Chains of Domination – Damage reduced by 70% in PvP combat.
      • Earthbreaker’s Impact – Damage reduced by 50% in PvP combat.
      • Grim Eclipse – Damage reduced by 40% in PvP combat.
      • Heart of the Swarm – Leech and damage reduced by 70% in PvP combat.
      • Intrusive Thoughtcage – Health drain reduced by 70% in PvP combat.
      • Pocket Protoforge – Protoforged Defense absorption reduced by 55% in PvP combat.
      • Pulsating Riftshard – Damage and absorption reduced by 50% in PvP combat.
      • Resonant Reservoir – Disintegration Halo damage reduced by 55% in PvP combat.
      • Scars of Fraternal Strife – The Final Rune damage reduced by 50% in PvP combat.
      • The First Sigil – Versatility reduced by 50% in PvP combat.
    • Item Effects
      • Sepulcher’s Savior – Healing and damage reduced by 50% in PvP combat.


  • Players who die while in the Genesis Repository during the quest “A Mutual Exchange” can now enter the room in their spirit form.

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Fixed an animation issue on the goblin engineering trinket, Goblin Dragon Gun.

Yay! Thanks so much for fixing the dungeon so quickly! I would be very excited to see some discussion about the murlocs in the start of Taz: So’leah’s Gambit flee. Perhaps they could flee at lower health %? Or maybe fewer murlocs flee (or none) because to be honest it is a very overwhelming and frustrating mechanic for my group. Thank you for your time and great work!

Hello! Here are the hotfixes that went live today, and the hotfixes that will go live with weekly realm restarts.

MARCH 7, 2022


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the achievement The Protoform Matrix from being properly awarded if the Reaving Automa: Neo was killed while casting Unrepair Armor.


  • Death Knight
    • Unholy
      • [With realm restarts] (4) Set Bonus: Your minions deal 10% increased damage (was 5%). When Soul Reaper’s secondary effect triggers, this bonus increases to 50% for 8 seconds (was 25%).
        • Developers’ note: Unholy’s Tier Set bonus is intended to differentiate the spec from Frost by amplifying one of its niches; strong windows of single-target burst and high-value execute damage. The initial tuning of the bonus was simply too low to make good on that promise, especially when compared to the baseline single-target power other similar bonuses brought to the table.
  • Druid
    • Balance
      • [With realm restarts] (2) Set Bonus: Entering a Lunar Eclipse now creates a Fury of Elune at 20% effectiveness (was 25%).
      • [With realm restarts] (4) Set Bonus: While in an Eclipse, the cost of Starsurge and Starfall is reduced by 15% (was 20%).
        • Developers’ note: The synergy that Balance’s tier set has with some options made this set perform a bit higher than intended. We want to bring Balance in-line with other tier set bonuses while still rewarding those synergistic choices. These changes should keep the power of Balance’s tier set bonus but rein in some of the higher outputs we were seeing.
    • Feral
      • [With realm restarts] (2) Set Bonus: Berserk’s cooldown is now reduced by 0.7 seconds per combo point spent (was 0.5 seconds).
      • [With realm restarts] (4) Set Bonus: Sickle of the Lion’s damage is increased by 25%.
        • Developers’ note: We really appreciate all of the feedback on the Feral set and feel that we should take some time to explain these changes. When previously tuning this bonus, we took multiple factors into account: the synergy of the set with other legendaries, its synergy with Feral’s kit, the AOE component, and more. Since we last made adjustments during PTR testing, we’ve gotten a chance to incorporate a great deal of the feedback provided and take a fresh look at the numbers and we found that – as players rightly called out – there was a disconnect in how impactful this bonus was in situations such as single-target encounters.
          Our goal with these changes is to keep Feral being a strong option in single-target encounters while increasing their AOE throughput. We will continue to actively watch discussions about this, and we want to say again: thank you for the feedback, and we appreciate the community’s patience as we take care with the tuning of this spec.
  • Hunter
    • Beast Mastery
      • [With realm restarts] (4) Set Bonus: The set bonus now reads as – Kill Command critical hits empower your next Cobra Shot or Multi-Shot, increasing the damage and cooldown reduction of Cobra Shot by 40% or causing Multi-Shot to grant an additional 6 seconds of Beast Cleave.
        • Developers’ note: We are adding additional functionality to the 4-piece bonus for Beast Mastery Hunters. When your Kill Command critically strikes, it now empowers either your next Cobra Shot with the existing functionality, or causes your next Multi-Shot to cause your next Beast Cleave to last 6 seconds longer. This should allow you to focus more on Barbed Shot, Cobra Shot, and Kill Command in AoE situations and worry less about using a Multi-Shot every 4 seconds to keep the Beast Cleave buff active.
  • Priest
    • Discipline
      • (2) Set Bonus: Fixed an issue where 2 stacks of Manifested Twilight could be consumed if Shadow Mend triggered the second application.
  • Shaman
    • Elemental
      • [With realm restarts] Storm Elemental’s Wind Gust effect gained from casting Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning now has a maximum stack of 10 (was 20). Additionally, if you cast Storm Elemental again while having a Storm Elemental active, the Wind Gust buff will be reset.
        • Developers’ note: The ability to maintain Storm Elemental at long duration and high uptime allows for extended periods of Lightning Bolts with a cast time of less than 0.6 seconds. Players have reported that this is uncomfortable to play, and we believe it might pose a significant accessibility concern. For that reason, we would rather entirely avoid having a class talent allow cast times which are this short, to avoid similar problems in the future. We are reducing the maximum cast time reduction that can be granted by Storm Elemental. In addition, recasting a Storm Elemental while a Storm Elemental is already active will reset the stacks of Wind Gust.
    • Enhancement
      • Fixed an issue where the global cooldown reduction of Frost Shock and Flame Shock were incorrectly benefitting from the effects of haste twice.
  • Warlock
    • Affliction
      • [With realm restarts] (2) Set Bonus: Malefic Rapture’s damage is now increased by 25% (was 15%).
      • [With realm restarts] (4) Set Bonus: Shadow Bolt now has a 30% chance and Drain Soul now has a 20% chance to make your next Malefic Rapture cost no Soul Shards and cast instantly (was 20% and 10% respectively).
        • Developers’ note: Affliction’s set bonus wasn’t providing enough of an impactful reward for executing its mechanic. These increases should increase the throughput of Affliction’s tier set and we hope that these changes will bring its output in line with other set bonuses.
  • Warrior
    • Fury
      • [With realm restarts] (2) Set Bonus: Raging Blow damage reduced to 10% (was 15%).
      • [With realm restarts] (4) Set Bonus: Duration of Recklessness granted reduced to 3 seconds (was 4 seconds).
      • [With realm restarts] Glory (Necrolord Runecarving Power): The amount of Rage spent to extend Conqueror’s Banner increased to 25 for Fury Warriors (was 20).
        • Developers’ note: Fury’s tier set was stronger than intended and we will be reducing the power of both the 2-piece and 4-piece to better fit within our goal for tier bonuses. In addition, we will be increasing the amount of Rage required to extend Conqueror’s Banner duration while the Glory legendary is equipped. The overall uptime of Conqueror’s Banner with the Glory legendary, Set Bonus (and conduits) was much higher than intended. We hope with these changes that the overall feel of all covenant Fury builds remain intact but with much more reasonable output.

Creatures and NPCs

  • [With realm restarts] Completing the “Antros” world quest will now award 2 Anima Matrices [500 anima] (was 1 [250 anima]).

Cyphers of the First Ones

  • Glimmercane is now available to start the quest “Mysterious Greenery” after researching Sopranian Understanding.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Sepulcher of the First Ones
    • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause bosses to despawn immediately upon defeat.
    • Artificer Xy’mox
      • Fixed issue where the visual effect of Xy Acolyte’s Massive Blast rendered smaller than the actual area of effect.
    • Prototype Pantheon
      • Fixed an issue where Humbling Strikes could critically strike.
      • Updated the Dungeon Journal entry for Bastion’s Ward to accurately reflect the damage reduction provided to Runecarver’s Deathtouch.
    • Lihuvim, Principal Architect
      • [With realm restarts] The first cast of Synthesize now occurs much earlier in the encounter.
      • [With realm restarts] Reduced the time between casts of Synthesize slightly.
      • [With realm restarts] The damage reduction granted by Protoform Disalignment has been reduced to 50% on Normal difficulty and 20% on Heroic difficulty (was 90%).
      • [With realm restarts] The damage inflicted by Cosmic Shift has been increased by 50% on Heroic Difficulty.
      • [With realm restarts] The damage inflicted when an Unstable Mote is created has been increased by approximately 25% on Heroic Difficulty.
      • [With realm restarts] Damage inflicted by Deconstructing Energy has been increased by 50% on Heroic Difficulty.
        • Developers’ note: We have identified an issue that caused Lihuvim to do significantly less raid damage than expected on all difficulties. While we typically do not increase the difficulty of encounters after release, we do sometimes intervene to address cases where a fight would otherwise be much less engaging than intended.
          We believe intervention is warranted in this case, and so with weekly resets we will be applying a number of changes intended to increase raid damage during the Lihuvim encounter. The biggest change will be to the Cosmic damage reduction provided by Protoform Disalignment, which was incorrectly reducing damage taken by 90%. We also made adjustments to other abilities to ensure raid damage ends up in a healthy place.
    • Halondrus the Reclaimer
      • Fixed an issue preventing Theotar the Mad Duke’s Token of Appreciation ability (Venthyr Soulbind) from functioning during the encounter.
      • Fixed an issue where Priest’s Unholy Nova (Necrolord Ability) was unusable on Halondrus except in specific spots.
    • Anduin Wrynn
      • [With realm restarts] If Anduin Wrynn reaches 10% health in non-Mythic difficulty before starting the final phase of the encounter, he will now immediately begin the final phase.
        • Developers’ note: Players are hitting this threshold in lower difficulties, this should shorten the encounter for groups that overpower the encounter.
    • Lords of Dread
      • We’ve identified an issue with the Ruined Crest of Lordaeron shield and will be removing it from the loot table for one week. The shield should return to the loot table with next week’s scheduled weekly maintenance in each region.
  • Mythic+
    • Fixed an issue where Mythic+ Rating for Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder was incorrectly calculated based on a 38 minute time limit.
      • Developers’ note: This fix is retroactive. Players should see their Mythic+ Ratings for existing runs adjusted accordingly.
  • Tazavesh: So’leah’s Gambit
    • Timecap’n Hooktail
      • Fixed an issue where Cannon Barrage would pierce immunities.
  • Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder
    • [With realm restarts] Support Officer’s Hard Light Barrier is now a Magic effect.
    • [With realm restarts] Tracker Zo’korss health reduced by 20%.
    • [With realm restarts] Ancient Core Hound health reduced by 20%.
    • [With realm restarts] Commerce Enforcer health reduced by 20%.
    • [With realm restarts] Commander Zo’far health reduced by 25%.
    • The Grand Menagerie
      • Achillite
        • [With realm restarts] Purification Protocol damage reduced by 25%.
      • Alcruux
        • [With realm restarts] The damage of Grand Consumption has been reduced by 35%.

Items and Rewards

  • Players will no longer see additional unusable Revelation Keys drop if they already have two.
  • Bauble of Pure Innovation can now be looted properly by players who meet the requirements.


  • If players disconnect or leave before Hanoa’s resolution has concluded during “Jiro to Hero,” they can return to Hanoa Exile to start the event again and see the conclusion.

Hi, is the valor cap being re-instituted a bug?

Seems piss poor to have it back, since it kills pushing keys in pugs. Those groups are usually extremely hit or miss, so hitting the cap getting zero reward while mistiming is killing m+ already for me.

If you want to timegate grinding power scaling, then do so directly at the NPC that upgrades gear w/ valor. ie, block it out there, don’t cap currency discouraging and disrespecting people’s time.

If it’s not intended to have people ignore pushing keys, then review this issue.

Hard agree