WoW Hotfixes – Updated May 27

To taunt BM Hunters.

Hopefully nowhere, I hope that spec stays dead unless it gets a huge revamp. No offense ferals I just hate the combo point + energy nonsense and you have too many abilities for being a cat. Seriously, how many ways can you bite and claw someone?

See that’s an issue because some of us play it specifically because it’s the most challenging spec to play well, I’d just like the numbers to be adjusted so we get rewarded for our good play to at least be competitive in endgame content. Feels bad playing well and seeing someone throw two wildfire bombs and do more than double your damage in M+.

Oh yeah the SV nerfs are totally merited. I don’t disagree that feral is hard to play well and should be rewarded for that, (as well as penalized for poor play to be fair). I just really feel the clunk whenever I play it and it makes me sad because it’s just one more spec on the list that I’ll never really see myself enjoying no matter how op it gets.

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Are there any specific details regarding the April 19 hotfix for the Inferno talent?

If the chance to generate shard fragments remains 20% up to 5 targets, how is it adjusted for target counts beyond 5?

At some point was there a hidden change to the protection paladin 2 piece? Because it was 5% per stack at some point and now it is 4%. If so please stop doing hidden changes like this.

When do you believe it was 5%? Because it was already 4% when 9.2 was made live.

I love how Blizzard took the community feed back for the Blood DK changes. I just wish they were this responsive to PVP feedback.

In terms of PVP changes, Echoing Resolve and Resonator are very unpopular amongst the PVP community. Echoing Resolve is actually being buffed by having roots no longer work on it. Mage/Lock/Priest with Echoing Resolve has people wanting to just quit the game (see Blizzard PVP Forums for rage threads). Resonator is ridiculous as well. I know the devs must have seen the rage these trinket generated when they were introduced, the blood dk feedback was received instantly it seems.

Why not listen to the PVP community who does not want these toxic trinkets in the game? Why not remove these trinkets or actually nerf them?

Please fix or get rid of these trinkets. Ranked PVP is just not fun with stuff like this in the game.

Quoted from:

Can we get context on what this entailed and how this affected VDH tankiness overall? As a VDH player we can already be left struggling if we’re not perfect with our defensives due to our low base tankiness. I don’t think this is the end of the world or kills the spec I’d just like to understand what was happening.

Why is a pinned thread from Blizzard not being kept up to date?

Why is one Blizzard rep posting hotfix updates in non-pinned new topics instead of updating this one?

Why are those updates late to be posted, and incomplete?

Looks like the hotfix to Veng broke the Demonic talent in Havoc.


FWIW it’s really weird this ‘fix’ wasn’t announced prior nor commented on and broke havoc. Honestly looking at what it was (fel dev extending meta) it seems to be design behavior… so this seems really stupid.

MAY 9, 2022

Dungeons and Raids

  • Sepulcher of the First Ones
    • The Jailer
      • [With realm restarts] All trapdoors close in Phase 3 on Normal and Raid Finder difficulties.
      • [With realm restarts] Decreased knockback of Decimator on Normal and Raid Finder difficulties.
      • [With realm restarts] Decreased knockback of Misery on Normal difficulty.
      • [With realm restarts] Decreased rate of growth of Defile on Normal difficulty.

Items and Rewards

  • The Antecedent Drape is now properly eligible for conversion at the Creation Catalyst.

Player versus Player

  • [With realm restarts] The Conquest and Valor caps has been removed.

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Dungeons and Raids
    • Black Temple
      • [With realm restarts] Defeating the Shade of Akama encounter will unlock the door to the Den of Mortal Delights.
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You guys have mentioned next xpac that PVP gear would have two item levels. Is this the kind of difference in ilvl we can expect next expansion. 239/282. Oh boy

Great change. But can you please let us upgrade gear to 278 now? Nobody wants to be stuck at 272.

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No we still need ilvl difference in pvp

Can you guys make cosmic flux account wide. Please.

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Eyyyy nice