WoW Hotfixes – Updated February 15

Because tank specs ruin arena and don’t belong in there.

When’s the hotfix to undo yalls dumb shadow buffs to mobs in Mage Tower gonna happen? It was already challenging in PTR from what I saw and then yall decided to make it more dificult than mythic raiding for some stupid freaking reason


How about a hotfix to the Timewlaking event?

Very few specs are showing success, some specs showing 0 success at all.

A fix for this mage tower is needed, like now. I’m not saying it needs to be a breeze, but cmonnnnnnn.


More than anything their radio silence on the sheer outcry on this is telling that they give less then two shakes or a rat’s back end about the players at this point


I would say a 10% across-the-board boss health nerf and buffing the “friendly” NPC health by about 30% would suffice for the MT scenarios of most classes.

NPCs “suddenly” getting 1-2 shotted midfight just isn’t very forgiving for the average casual player (who might be out of position, miss an interrupt, etc). And because a single “allied” NPC dying automatically ends your attempt - even if you played boss mechanics perfectly - it really seems like friendly NPC health is undertuned relative to the incoming damage.

I remember these encounters had more leeway/room for mistakes during Legion, this 9.1.5 “you made literally ONE mistake during a 6-8 minute fight?? you lose!” design is not very casualy-friendly at all :laughing:


Here are the hotfixes from today:

DECEMBER 8, 2021

Dungeons and Raids

  • Timewalking
    • Mage Tower
      • Death and Decay will no longer grant the Death’s Due on-hit effects for Night Fae Death Knights.
      • Fixed an issue that allowed Survival Hunters to trivialize the Xylem encounter.
  • Mythic+ Affixes
    • Infernal (Timeworn Mythic+)
      • Players can now have more than one instance of Infernal Core active.

Items and Rewards

  • Legion equipment sold during Timewalking no longer requires level 60 to purchase.

So…stuff is currently way overly hard for people…and the only change you do is to make it harder for NF DK and Surv Hunters?

Are yall bloody well daft? God, just rename the game World of Wildstar at this point ffs.


Very important hotfixes :clown_face:


So no changes to the Ones that were actually problematic or having totems spawning in the floor during the blood totem encounter, but hey you nailed it here… i am all for making it difficult but bugged is a different story. considering this is the first content(recycled) since June and it has come out as a bugged over-tuned mess shows a lack of care and general lack of leadership.


Please rework the guardian challenge.


don’t worry, they’ll just need another 21 hours from when you posted to respond as it takes 33hrs for bliz to do/say anything

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That’s what was happening with the totems!!?? I would be doing great then outta no where, bam stunned, then dead… Makes since now

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You’ve got to be joking with this post…

It took them 33hrs to post that they realized they buggered up the scaling from the time MT went live actually, so no, not joking

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It’s meant to be ridiculously challenging, this is the entire point of the Mage Tower.

If it was for original rewards, sure.

This is not, this is for recolors of things. And for many specs it’s not a test of your skill of that spec but a test of if you can play off spec dps.

This is a git gud issue, either overcome the challenges or don’t as it’s optional content.

Fix the Mage Tower. Why are you taking so long to simply buff us or nerf it? How much more data do you need to collect except for the fact that you didn’t test this properly after you took away our damage then you shadow buffed the encounters because you did one day of testing. Everyone here is literally shouting at you that its way over tuned. Reset it as it was on the PTR or give us our damage back or nerf the health/dmg of the bosses or remove stupid timers. Sigyrn was primarily a survival fight and now if you don’t keep all three bosses smashing you in the face to do 1k damage you can’t beat it in the allotted 6 mins we have to do it. DO SOMETHING!


Also what are you doing to do about the people who earned this through bugs? Yeah you fixed it so no one else can benefit from your screw up but the rest of us still smashing our faces against your crap development.

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I would say its optional content except for the fact that it’s the only content that has been out since June. When they promote the mage tower as a core part of 9.1.5, they don’t release with the actual patch,(they waited until the beginning of the next month so their MAU numbers look good) watching RWF raiders having to cheese encounters to complete them shows the state of the game.
Hard or not there are serious bugs and scaling issues with food, trinkets and old gear.