WoW Hotfixes – Updated February 15


this is a nerf disguised as a buff

They put cap de aoe on it, time and valor were wasted farming those trinkets making them useless, it is no longer worth farming those trinkets.


Limited time event, takes a week to realise one of the only “nerfs” was infact not a nerf like mentioned as soon as they posted it. We listen to feedback though wink wink

Yes it was a nerf lol, but ravaged seed pod still king in aoe situations.
Please dont nerf pod blizz.

Can you guys please do your job and properly tune these fights? Way too overtuned right now.


Why in the hell did the Intellect Gems Timeless Tanzanite get scaled down to 1int 1stam and the Strength Gems Sovereign Tanzanite now 4str 4stam they were both at 5 srt/int and 6 stam … i think this is truly un fair game play to let plp farm these gems and sell there cata gems just to have you nerf the ones plp kept … now the Cata gems are worth twice as much as i sold them for…

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Hello~ Here are today’s hotfixes:

DECEMBER 14, 2021

Dungeons and Raids

  • Timewalking
    • Legion Timewalking (including the weekly quest, dungeon queue, Mythic+, and Mage Tower components) will now run for two additional weeks, ending on January 4th (in NA).
  • Halls of Atonement
    • Halkias
      • Player immunities should no longer make the player susceptible to Sinlight Visions.

Player versus Player

  • Spoils of War now increases Honor gains by 40%, in addition to increasing Conquest gains by 25%.
    • Developers’ note: Honor gains lagged behind Conquest gear acquisition after enabling Spoils of War. This change matches the 25% gain in Conquest, with a little extra to give players just starting out easier access to gear late in the season.

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Fixed an issue where players would be saved to Tempest Keep before defeating any bosses.
  • Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern are now in their post-nerf state (Original Burning Crusade version 2.4.3).
    • Attunements are no longer required to gain entry into Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern.
    • Lady Vashj’s bridge console in Serpentshrine Cavern can now be activated without having to defeat any other bosses.
    • The doorway to Keal’thas Sunstrider’s room is now immediately open without needing to defeat other bosses.

So no tuning fixes to Mage Tower then, again. Brilliant that is. Just, bloody, brilliant.


Jajaja lo dicen por la torre de estrés ? .
Yo dejé esa Mier…yo no jugué legión así que no tenía idea. Igual me pareció demasiado exagerado y muy largas se hace muy aburrido.
tire la toalla el primer día iva a darle una segunda oportunidad . Pero leyendo sus comentarios. Veo que bliz no hizo nada .
Bueno ya será para la siguiente expansion.

Aww hombre, no te rindas tan fácilmente. ¡¡Todavía hay mucho por hacer en este juego !!

If we are being real here its not like they don’t see everyone requesting changes to the mage tower to make it a bit more achievable. but I think we all already know what they are doing the top players will get their set and be able to show it off and next go around in 6 months when it comes back they will “make changes” make a big deal about it to try and get a bunch of people to resub to the game its all about the carrot on the stick anymore with this company its been pretty evident for a long time so just find something in the game you can enjoy and ride out all the other BS bliz throws your way


Doesn’t even matter, because we can’t even log in…LUL

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If that’s the way they wanna play, then I’m glad I canceled my sub over the horrendous initial implementation as it stands, if I come back when my time runs out or not, we’ll see but, gettin’ tired of lovin’ a world only for it to be constantly treated like a way to abuse my love of it.

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Well i can not log into game at the moment (World server is down) to go to the mage tower to check the gem scaling but i can bet that the gems will not scale to +4 intellect like the +4 intellect Cata gems i had before i farmed out the Timeless Tanzanite that were +5int and +6stam AND SOLD ALL MY CATA +4 gems to have the mage tower up for a week before you nerfed the gems and now the Cata gems are worth twice as much to replace, IS WARCRAFT GOING TO REPLACE these gems or going to clearly reply on this form that they no longer believe in fair game play?

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Idk fam, but I’m wondering if it might be better off to let this one go, else they decide to send all the Warriors/Paladins/Death Knights to the AH and Dragon Soul for new gems in the next “hotfix”.

Just kinda blows how some of us had these things drop during timewalk runs for what feels like forever, only to need to replace in the middle of an e-peen event.


What a joke.


SO…Wow did some sort of update today, but no update/hotfix notes

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Hello everyone! Here are today’s hotfix notes:

DECEMBER 15, 2021

Dungeons and Raids

  • Timewalking
    • Mage Tower
      • The Highlord’s Return
        • Blood Death Knight, Vengeance Demon Hunter, and Guardian Druid
          • Nether Storm no longer recasts immediately after being silenced or interrupted.
        • Guardian Druid
          • Reduced the size of Inquisitor Variss’ Aura of Decay by 0.5 yards.
      • Thwarting the Twins
        • Fixed an issue where players could get out of range of Raest Magespear’s spells. Raest Magespear’s damage bonus when Karam Magespear is defeated first has been reduced to compensate for the change.
        • Fixed an issue that caused enemies summoned during the encounter to despawn prematurely.

Player versus Player

  • Fixed an issue that caused Spoils of War (increased Honor and Conquest gain) to be removed from the player on death.

WoW Classic Era and Season of Mastery

  • Hallowed Brazier can once again be purchased on Classic Era realms.
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Booooooooo. Let us play the game how we want!

How out of touch are you guys with your players, really?

You have hundreds, if not thousands of threads from people telling you the Mage Tower is overtuned.

Maybe a couple dozen people saying it’s fine because they want to be special snowflakes.

And yet you still haven’t done a blanket nerf. Despite people with VIDEO EVIDENCE that the Mage Tower is vastly overtuned to even tomb of sargeras mage tower.

The Guardian “nerf” you just did is laughable. Oh no, we don’t have to jump to hit the boss with thrash anymore.

Meanwhile, prot paladins can stand in the aura, get to 10 stacks of his debuff, kill all 4 arcane adds, and not die. Meanwhile, druids are lucky if we manage to kill all 4 adds without an old trinket, and we can sustain maybe 3 stacks of the aura before the loss of health became lethal. (literally a video posted on the forums this morning of a paladin missing 9 pieces of gear doing just this, and STILL doing more dps than a druid can on that fight)


Still no real nerfs to mage tower. What a shame. Those devs are so out of touch. Fix this mess already…