WoW gearing is socialism

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I’m not talking about actually paying off the debt, since you just revealed you have no clue what you are talking about, and just spew out whatever right wing propaganda you heard that day, let me explain further.

I’m talking about raising taxes on the top marginal rate, but not so much that it STOPS growth. Shift spending to areas that not only create jobs, but put money back into the economy, and not just the stock market. That’s going to take moving past ideologies. That’s going to take admitting the same old dreary ideology you keep raking up from the 80’s that will never work, lowers the GDP and not the debt ratio. That means adhering to the Laffer Curve and NOT raising taxes too much, and raising them at a slow rate over a time period to adjust to growth. That means cutting military spending and pumping money into education, like it or not, as much as we can. That means NOT cutting social programs as they pump money into the economy, but cutting down qualifications.

You’re right, we can never pay back the sovereign debt, and that’s not a huge issue, until now. Because in 2018 we cut into the threshold of 75% debt ratio, the first time in history. And our economic growth, besides what your comrades will tell you, is NOT keeping up with the debt ratio, and in fact is growing at a much slower pace than the rest of the world. But it is expanding and we need to tighten the belt now, start raising the top marginal rate, make SMART changes to our spending, and curb unsustained growth we have now that is wildy all over the place. One day it’s up, next day it’s down significantly, that is the preamble of a crash we probably can’t come back from and the US will lose all trade leverage and become a second rate country.

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The Green New Deal is a fairy tale. No way that plan even gets close to passing. That being said, AOC is playing the game well. She’s taken a page right out of Trump’s play book by constantly making asinine and untrue statements. The haters go crazy, the media covers everything she says, and her supporters eat it all up.

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I absolutely agree, but I think it’s meant to be so far left and radical. You keep offering things up until you get a compromise.

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Agree 100%. I did not even go to college. worked my way up to corporate from all places cashier.

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Exactly. What’s she doing is intentionally pushing so far to the left with her proposals. She knows this Green New Deal won’t pass but what is does is move the fences so to speak. In a year or two, another politician will propose something not quite as radical, but something a few years ago a lot of us would have considered completely radical, and it’ll seem reasonable to most. AOC isn’t stupid. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Personally, as someone who values individuality and freedom, I’m pretty scared of what’s to come.


yes the for profit private health ins corporations that control the costs and determine who gets what healthcare is pretty scary.

the working class will soon have 2 trillion dollars tied up in student debt. what happens when people start defaulting on half of these loans? when you consider last years defense spending increase alone would have paid for college for all its very scary about who politicians on both side serve(their donors :smile:)

its scary that we just keep burning carbon and its still a DEBATE on whether all that carbon that stays up in the atmosphere for a 1000 years has any affect on the planet :smile:

its scary that 3 the richest americans are sitting on more wealth than the bottom 50% of the country. a society that allows this while people starve and freeze to death in the streets cannot be a moral society

corporate media and billionaires have gaslighted the working class into just accepting that this is just how things are and the things that other countries guarantee to their people as a right are pie in the sky fairy dust. we are the richest country in the history of the planet, but a country like Slovenia can provide healthcare and education for all :smile:

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It’s the supposed solutions to all of those “problems” I find to be terrifying.

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The problem is too late. The tipping point was and has been passed. Once the economy hits that point and nothing put in place to stop it. All downhill. You figure after the great depression society would learn. Nope just kept on going. Now its just wait and see where the wind blows time.

Most players just play wow Ah and you get a general idea of how too much of one thing can lead to the very dangerous road. case in point too much gear. Cause prices to fall. too much ore or whatever cause prices to drop. The economy, for the most part, is very fragile. It can and will break if too much of one thing happens. That just happen about three or so weeks ago to the world economy thanks to a large part of our economy. yeah, things are good now. wait to the flood hits the wall.


yep. i mean what do we do when the big banks fail again? theres nothing. its just our politicians(repub and dem party) who take money from the same places and like the status quo because they benefit from it with their heads in the sand :smile:

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The bad thing is it not just them this time. USA personal debt and national Debt are now equal. Thank about that. Both are equal. What happens if they can not pay off that debt? What happens to the company holding that debt? Going be fun. Add to that wages not match the prices of inflations and last years was bad and this year looking anther 18%. Hang on.

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It sounds about time to invest in a bomb shelter, tons of canned food, bottled water, guns, and a lot of ammo.

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Naa that too extreme. Maybe have a garden in place for extra food. Some other things. It not going to last forever. just enough to get by.

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No guns? You’re no fun.


Did you know that the planet Mercury which is the closest planet to the sun has surface temperatures which range from 200 to 800 K depending on which surface is facing the sun. Now did you know that our Earth neighbour planet Venus holds a record surface temperature of 864 degrees Fahrenheit ( 462 degrees Celsius ).

For all the science and climate deniers, care to take a guess what is the atmospheric composition of Venus?


Nobody “feeding off the system” is achieving as much as the “top guys”

“Top guys” are sitting around 410-416 already. Players like you are gonna climb to maybe 400 if you’re really lucky.

Personally, I don’t like titanforging, but only because there’s really no way to “complete” a character in a tier from a shopping list. But it’s not common enough to put even the luckiest LFR/Normal raider on par with a cutting edge player.

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Good job sir, made for some entertaining reading.

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So I unwisely read a response, and am once again unwisely responding in this massively off topic thread.

Every major democracy now in existence has social programs, how effective each is may be debatable on a case by case bases, but with no exception they do exists and function.

Purely socialists economies, that is economies where all industry has been nationalized (Leninist and Maoist versions of Communism mostly), have always eventually failed. The USSR lasted almost 70 years but eventually failed.
On the other hand, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and privatization median income dropped, poverty and homelessness soared, literacy rates declined, life expectancy declined, and unemployment soared in all of the former soviet states. This is, of course, partly due to the extent that the economy had already failed being reviled when the means of hiding it under the previous system ran out.

There are no modern examples of a pure capitalist state, none ever lasted even as long as the USSR.

As to the current US system, it is a hybrid. Historically conservatives once unsuccessfully opposed public education, standing armies, public highways and canals, Social Security, Medicaid, graduated income tax, banks, and most Civil Rights and voting rights laws. In the case of public education, public highways and canals, Social Security, Medicaid, and graduated income tax these are socialist programs that became part of our system as it exists today. The wins for conservatives so far include denial of publicly financed health care, publicly financed higher education, and the enshrining of equal rights for women by Constitutional amendment.

As far as health care, a “single payer system” is only supported by a small minority of politicians of any stripe. The health care insurance industry being a huge industry that would be decimated by such a system. Several large corporations would go out of business and thousands of workers at every level would become unemployed.


I give back by sharing my knowledge of the skills I’ve learned and help individuals reach the same level of success. I enjoy sharing my understanding of things and interpreting my perspective of how such and such works. I don’t give back to people who have no desire to put out their best efforts.

And how was it i’m privileged when students with low GPA and attendance get the best internships and here I am still in and out of career services once a week and going on 400+ applications over the span of 7 months?

How am I privileged still living with my parents because I couldn’t find a job when I got out the military, and still cant find a job?

How am I privileged when my college’s career services easily forgets about me and not reply to my e-mails and ultimately not put my name out to companies who don’t post ads online and are only looking for grad students?

How is it i’m privileged when career services tells me the dream company I’d work for isn’t hiring and I find out a week later they hired some chick in my class who barely shows up and does bare minimum class work via making Cs and Ds?

And lastly…

How is it privilege when the student with the highest GPA, highest attendance, specialized training, spends extra hours after class to research topics, spends extra hours after class tutoring other students, spends extra hours helping instructors become more computer literate, visits career services once a week, and candidacy for rare awards in their field, is literally the only student in their class who does not have a job in their field yet?


When people can’t differentiate between hard work and “privilege”, it becomes a blanket excuse for anyone excelling and out performing their peers. Concepts like work ethic utterly break the model for equal outcome systems.

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Ah, someone using the term “socialist” that actually understands ownership of the means of production!

Not so sure about those “wins” for conservatives…

The issue of healthcare is terribly, terribly complex. The “prior condition” insurance industry and the $7k for a 20 min visit to the ER and a single blood draw with NO visit by a doctor are also very much issues. But you use a much more descriptive term in single payer than the idiots running around talking about Medicare For All. Think about this one for a moment… if the insurers get denied having medical in their portfolios (they don’t go out of business, but they DO shrink), that “single payer system” is going to NEED most of those folks, if not all and then some.