WoW Esports: The AWC and MDI 2023 Plans are Here!

Get out of here trolls. Some of us actually like esports. Also very glad it’s returning to twitch, thank you for that.


Is that guy rich going to be casting it

No one cares Blizzard.

Quit releasing games that we pay for and are charged monthly for -

That are full of bugs, errors, non balanced classes, no updates to PvP in 5 years (beside one vendor) and probably the worst customer service in video games.

No one cares about these when you do not take care of your own game.

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This looks like it’s already a post that no one is really into except to complain about other stuff, so…

Hey, guys, turn off sharding on RP servers please and thanks!

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Your game was so much better before Activision turned it into an eSports hagfest. RIP the gold old days.


More truer words have never been spoken.


I thrid this.


So you only liked Vanilla then?

How is this still a thing?

Oh well, guess you gata keep people employed somehow.

Super excited for this. Plan to watch this with the bois

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9days , 3 likes, on a blue post?

well thats a new record.

i guess im not the only one that doesnt care :wink:

Esport? ahm, :violin:

Can we sign up solo for the free toy? I dont have friends who will push keys with me but want that toy…