Wow dragonflight, are the Djaradin trolls?

I felt like I read somewhere that they were supposed to be related to trolls, but when I looked them up it just says elemental half giants.

Am I wrong on the troll comment?

Because I am hoping they arent given the fact they look nothing like trolls.

From what we’ve heard the Djaradin are half elementals pretty much.
I’m quite sure they said that we would encounter the Djaradin, tuskar, centaurs, and proto-trolls. So the trolls are their own thing not yet shown.


Neither do Elves, but they’re also related to trolls.

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Yeah but they are altered trolls, having primodial trolls look human, then back to troll than human again would be a silly evolution chain.

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Well, night elves look a bit more like trolls than high/blood elves do, just more digits and fangs instead of tusks, but that makes sense, given they’re closer to the source so to speak.

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Trolls and Elves have long ears, inhuman strength, better eye sight and hearing, and fangs, the elves lost their tusks, but if you look at their mouths their canines are quite pronounced. Showing their troll ancestry just hides behind their lips.

What elves gained was more digits in their hands and feet, what they lost in pure muscle mass they gained greater dexterity though trolls are fairly fast as well. Elves and trolls can quickly evolve depending on what they are exposed to. So, elves and trolls are among the most adaptable races on Azeroth.


Djaradin were described as Proto-Trolls in one of the interviews

No, I have no desire to make an effort and sift through Wowhead to find such

Maybe one of the other guys added it on the wowpedia already

They are just described as elemental half giants, but they better not be related to trolls.

If they are related to trolls they need bigger noses and tusks A sap, it is so boring and unimaginative that that they are just blue,buff looking humans.

This mindset where everyone needs to look a different shade of human needs to stop.