WoW crashing at login launcher

So the 13th I open launcher to find an update for it. so it downloads the update and will constantly crash upon trying to play. Game will not display any error messages until i go into the files. At this point i have uninstalled and reinstalled twice and to no avail. This is extremely infuriating especially considering I just rebuilt this computer and am having no luck trying to get this game to launch. Any advise would be fantastic and much appreciated!

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I have been having the same problems as well. I can open battlenet and click play. I can also get to the character list and choose my character and then click enter world. There’s a background wow picture that comes up along with the load bar, but upon completing the screen closes and am taken back to the battlenet window. This started last night. It is so frustrating trying to figure out what is happening and how to fix it. I tried to call blizzard for support, but all the self service options are just not very good. I prefer to talk to a person. Hope this gets resolved soon.

I am having the same issue as well… I have cleared my cache, ran registry error and reinstalled WoW its self and nothing has worked… I hope they fix this soon…

Same problem. Pleaassee blizzard fix it