WoW Community Council

So we can see what sort of input is being given in there and how Blizz is responding. Aside of the explicit goal of getting feedback, it’s also designed to help with the perception that Blizz is an aloof and uncaring overlord.

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They should have both likes and dislikes so people can at least vote on ideas.


What do you think Blizz could do to make it better?


Come clean and admit they failed the players?

They could start rebuilding from there.


What are they representative of? Whom? Seems like they’re basically MVPs who don’t get a green name.

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The playerbase at large, at least in theory.

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If it wasn’t visible people would complain about a lack of transparency. It’s better to have people complaining that they’re somehow forced to read it.

That would defeat the point of seeing whats happening and being discussed. Ideally Blues/devs will post in there and it will be a good thing in the future. I have to imagine the forums will be advertised on Twitter though if this thing is suppose to be mainly in the forums.

Honestly while I understand why people remove downvotes from most social media, this would be an extremely useful tool for gauging what the player base actually cares about.

Right now in the council forum I tend to view most topics as one of three groups: good feedback (sometimes venting), “I don’t get it topics” (RP ect), and weird straw man manifestos.

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It’s supposed to show all the interactions between them, however one of them has already taken it upon himseslf to make his own discord for non CC people to speak to and the CC members have already confirmed the presence of a discord between Blizzard and them however they’ve said it’s only for introductions and setting up forum accounts.

It really just looks like the general forums with 1/20 the population, honestly.

They’ve announced there are extremely few people allowed on the council, when so far there is representation of two high end mythic raiders on there. How will they discuss topics regardling high level raiders when the others don’t know anything about it?

The entire reason why it’s public is so we can see the developers and the council communicate.

They did the private forum thing before, but it was filled with the 1%ers rather than players who favour different activities in-game.

But you know what the best part about it is? It’s entirely optional. You don’t have to look at it. So, if it’s making you sick because you don’t like what you see from the council members, bugger off and don’t look at it.

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The whole purpose of it is to demoralize GD, no one actually expects anything useful to come out of it

Yeah, and who would have thought the period the private forum was around was the expansions that people attribute classes feeling the best and most fun to play.

It’s almost like the 1% and though deep into TC could provide more to class design that some casuals who collect, some pvpers, some classic primary players and 2 top tier raiders.


Well they need some forum trolls in that category.
Where Anon and Talonel at?

Thats somehting I 100% agree with and have been saying myself.

This was the greatest response yet… WOW … whoever you are you are an awesome possum. THIS MAN JUST SAID SO THEN WHAT THE F***** ELSE U WANT WE EVEN REPLYING TO U HERE … Yoou guys know how annoying it is to have people ask for nothing and say dumb sH***** that they gotta answer? im in there asking about damn refunds and charge issues u guys are turning the support team into what they have become… SO WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT SIR? “here you go sir, how about glad title for free on the house buddy” I think blizzard devs are realising that the world of warcraft CS is getting so overwhelmed that they are starting to just send templates out… i think bliz finally heading in right direction i might actually buy some activision stock now rofl. CHEERS @BLIZZARD

Blizzard already has the private forum, and has for many years.
The PR stunt forum is meant to create an illusion that they suddenly listen to feedback.

You could always contact the community council members on their twitter… woops their already being cancelled and removed from the CC for racism.

Things are imploding exactly as predicted.

“Representatives” :expressionless:

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Well, according to what was in that discord about Black humans, some of them do in fact represent a certain part of the playerbase, just not the one Blizzard had in mind.

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The entire thing is such nonsense. All it’s going to do is add to the egos of the people invited, while making everyone else feel unheard and blizzard’s gonna claim it as proof that they’re listening to the “community” for the PR and continue to not make a good game.

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