WoW Classic Update Schedule and Free Character Moves

Arugal isn’t included in your list as having a Free Character Move available.

It’s all a ploy for when they release Payed Xfers.

How can you develop and support a game, with the sole (story) premise of faction VS. faction, with a patch coming soon – with a heavy emphasis of faction VS. faction – but then not take into account faction balances of servers?

Thanks, I guess? See y’all on Arcanite Reaper (if I was to go from Stalagg to heartseeker it would just be the inverse of what Ally-Stalagg are going thru now)


What’s wrong with Thalnos?

Ally, don’t do this. It only makes it worse for everyone. That same terrible experience you are having will be exacerbated for everyone. I understand the desire, I do.

Getting camped for 45 minutes just to get to BRM is not enjoyable, but we have to try and make the right choices by not making it worse for all.

It is now!

Great catch. Thank you.

What A. Bummer.
Wpvp is what brought me back to this game after quitting 8 years.
The balance is so bad on skeram every 1v1 or 1v2 I start in pvp quickly turns to a 5-6v1. There have been many times that I just stop attacking or sheep the alli for a free heal just so they have a slight chance.
Please do not allow more transfers for alliance off of skeram.

Much disappoint.


any chance of getting a response about the horrible faction imbalance on many of the servers on that list and how blanket server transfers would amplify that imbalance?


Queues were always part of overpopulated servers. The lack there of, resulting in less transfers than there should have been, is just another byproduct of the horrid layering implementation.

If you want to play on a mega server, you should have always had to sit through a queue and the overpopulated side should have transfers off.

The queue could also be faction based to a degree to promote people moving.

I think you missed the part where server transfers are only available for certain factions.


Did you catch the part where very few people want this?


Just open XRBGs as soon as possible.

You’ve ruined the open world for countless PvP servers, why even bother having an entire phase dedicated to it?

It’s at the point I’d have preferred Classic never launched because this was handled better by non-Blizzard entities.


They want Classic to fail, there is no other explanation. Even grossly incompetent people actually listen once in a while…


It’s interesting to see people complaining about faction imbalances when they’re the ones that don’t want to help alleviate that issue because they are a part of the dominating faction.

If Vriska’s numbers are slightly accurate for these

Skeram (28% alliance / 72% horde) to Heartseeker (78% alliance / 22% horde)
Stalagg (27% alliance / 73% horde) to Heartseeker (78% alliance / 22% horde)

Then Blizzard IS thinking of faction balance. they’re opening these transfers to Heartseeker so HORDE players (although they don’t state explicitly that you should xfer as a horde player) will transfer to balance each server. The problem is, you don’t want your guild to transfer. You’re all complaining about an issue that you’re helping create by refusing to transfer.


Can you make that Faction specific transfer? Most of those servers are already imbalanced and this will only make it worse.

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It is on the playerbase that doesn’t transfer when they are in the massively overwhelming faction of a server. They aren’t PvPers, whatever they like to think. They are care bears clinging to their artificially created PvE server with no strings attached ganking and camping.

It is also on Blizzard. The launch was handled horribly, there is no communication with the playerbase concerning a massive issue, and no tools that have been implemented to assist this.

If megaservers always had to sit through queues, and transfers had been left available throughout for the overwhelming faction, we would be in a better place.

Players have to make the choice, but Blizzard manifested many of these issues due to too few servers and layering implementation. Now they refuse to take any steps to alleviate it.

Both groups suck.


Even if half of Faerlina transfers you still haven’t addressed what you guys are doing about the servers being complete junk. We’ve done massive single layer pvp battles in the middle of a weekday night and the server performance was unacceptable. Unplayable, and I’m being kind.

30000ms. 30 seconds for spells to go off, if they ever went off. Battles completely ruined by simply having people show up, the notorious TM vs SS will be an impossible scenario.

I would address what’s being done because all it takes is a Youtube search to know you can do way way way better. A couple dudes in the East Bloc with their pservers has your billion dollar company server architecture looking like a joke.


One word: JUST

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please do one of two things:

listen to your playerbase’s concerns about imbalance
listen to your playerbase’s concerns about impatient players being able to xfer off when they get killed during honor release. this is killing the spirit of the game


We need more thoughtful solutions for addressing megaservers, queue times, faction imbalance, and lag during larger scale battles.

Please communicate with the community about these issues, even if it’s just to say you’re working on better solutions. No one is happy with opening up optional transfers as the end-all for these issues.