Wow Classic Transfer

So when TBC released, I made a new account with new characters on it because I couldn’t remember my other account’s password. I eventually managed to remember it (by finding an old paper I had it written on) and decided I wanted to get the gold off of it and put it on my new account. However, I made my new account on the realm Herod and the old one on Faerlina. I am trying to transfer my character over to herod but in the list of realms I can transfer to, I only see incendius and Skeram. Is there any reason for this? Can I not transfer my character from Faerlina to Herod? Thanks for the help! (I am playing on TBC!)

Are you looking at free transfers?

I do not think the restrictions apply to paid transfers.

Yeah I was looking at the free transfer I received. So you’re saying if I buy one, it’ll work?

Yeah, I think so! I haven’t seen any additional realm restrictions on paid transfers recently.

I think that one worked. Thanks a lot!!

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