WoW Classic Testing Access as of May 22

The stress test realms are only up at certain times but remember, there is another one next week: WoW Classic Stress Test on May 29


I wish I was on the friends and family list .-.

Yeah, I figured since it didn’t just say Stress Test that I had Beta as well, feelsbadman
Maybe i’ll be lucky in the next wave


I will be there!!! I mean i had 6 level 5 characters the last go round. Lets see how many i can get to 10! haha.

Also is there any confirmation if those characters are going to carry over? Or will it be a fresh wipe. Understand if we do not know those details yet. But figured i would ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

ok i played the stress test , at 1st i just saw the server stress test before they closed it . but this morning i was having Classic Alpha , Classic Beta pve & classic beta pvp , i stayed there , they were showing as offline but at some point they showed as incompatible and back to offline , so i closed the game and downloaded the beta patch and now it showing as no server available

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I don’t know for sure at this point, if there is a wipe we’ll aim to let people know next week.


So thankful for the transparency. seriously. Hearing I dont know and keeping an open dialogue is so key, and greatly appreciated.
Maybe someone deserves that calm beach Vacation!


Hear, hear!!


15 minutos wait queue, can more ppl get access to Beta so we all can play and test ?


Well i guess some of us got jaibaited by blizz lol .Showing us all the Beta server when we didnt get invited . :frowning: Feelsbadman


Dont remember that, rofl!
I was soo, soo happy and then… NO BETA ACCESS.
Crying a river still

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Will be interesting if/when level caps are raised (on beta or stress test) without a character wipe for all these toons who have been doing all-the-quests at level cap for gold :rofl:

Honestly I may be in the minority Hoping for a wipe.
I want to get pathing and questing to 10 down with the masses.
Since I will be power leveling on launch day haha

I’m gonna be doing every quest in every zone plus grinding. :grin::raised_hands:

Does this mean that no more are going out, or that there are still some that will go out? If age of account is highly considered, then I think I would have a good chance of getting selected, but I don’t want to resub if there’s 0% chance.



lol Good luck with that!

Thank you for the excitement you guys have provided to us, some show it in different ways, some rage because their so antsy, some much lighter, and some quiet because their not sure how it makes them feel. All together, thank you for this time in our lives of gamers to be able to go back and relive the old days whether they were good or bad days. it’s still a amazing time.


So was mine…

I would like to join in the beta. I miss classic and have only have only kept my subscription lately because I want to play classic. I don’t care for BFA at all.

They were. Thats how I got in. Thats the ONLY reason I got in. They havent had a sub from me in several expansions. And I didn’t play much even back then at the end.

I can guarantee you the only reason I got in is because my account is midnight launch aged. Otherwise there was literally no reason to choose me.

Just because they didn’t get EVERY day 0 account doesn’t mean they didn’t take it into account man…