WoW Classic Testing Access as of May 22

The whole argument is that he just has an opinion that the beta is trash. With no bullet points or statements as to why it is bad.

Just reminding folks to keep things calm.


I hear ya. I’ll leave it be. But hey everyone is so hype for the game that we are all myself included flaming the forums out of our passion for the game.

I appreciate your difference of opinion @Elibourne have a nice day. And I truly do hope you get into the beta.

I can’t log in the Beta ,after the last patch it keep saying no server available and can’t post in the classic beta forum … :thinking:

Calm? CALM?!

What do you mean, CALM?!

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… like… on a vacation… on a beach…? :wink:


Were you invited to the closed beta or the stress test?

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Does this look calm to you, Bornakk?

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Considering you’re about to be hanging out with the spirit healer there… yes, it does. =D


Probably Stress Test Like me and flaming the reload button. Knowing that it wont work for us. But yet still praying we somehow hit a magical click that will let us into the closed beta realms.

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Ah, you’re right… I was only hiding my UI to hide how my armor was as red as Patchwerk :wink:


What if mine says Beta and Stress test?

mmmm both ?!

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I see what you did there… Playing like you were in both to get them to make sure to add both to your account!

Smart move but you will sit here with me and the other stress test plebs you trickster!

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I tried logging in but it keeps saying server is unavailable.

what you saying ?

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Under the drop down it says beta and stress test. But only if you were invited to the closed beta do you have the options to see the realms right now. It appears they closed us stress testers from seeing the realms.

The stress test realms are only up at certain times but remember, there is another one next week: WoW Classic Stress Test on May 29


I wish I was on the friends and family list .-.

Yeah, I figured since it didn’t just say Stress Test that I had Beta as well, feelsbadman
Maybe i’ll be lucky in the next wave