WoW Classic Stress Test on May 29

We successfully broke it again guys, I’m so proud of y’all. :cry:


yeah, I was like that as well, I closed the game and I’m trying to enter again, now it keeps telling me Logging in to game server.

So far the test is looking successful. Successfully breaking the servers.

this is how they decide how many servers to make for classic?

Not really, this is just how they decide to spend money on fixing a server.

Is there only one server option?

made it to char creation… click on Accept after making character… NADA

Same here… Can’t create enw one and the one from last time is gone.

Ah nevermind, it is working now.

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Is there going to be another wave of invites

It would be swell if you could actually log into this so-called stress test (or maybe that’s the stress you’re wanting to test?)

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I’m still waiting

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Can’t roll a char…

I’m waiting LOL


stuck on logging in to game server :confused:

gah! do you wait at the “logging in to game server” message? Or do you hit cancel and keep trying to relog?

So does anyone else just have Wow 4 and Wow 8 ? Or is that just me? Also, anyone else just getting “logging into game server”?

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Frakazoidials, they didn’t let me in. :crying_cat_face:

finally in a 300 logging que
oh wait they shut it down

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Stress test success. Players are completely stressed out. All other systems working as intended.