WoW Classic Stress Test on May 29

Anyone getting in… I’m stuck at “logging in to game server”, it’s as far as I’ve gotten.


Server - Help me dear Lord!

I was invited to the test on May 22, but I don’t have access to today’s test? I couldn’t even get past the queue last time. :frowning:

Stuck on “Logging in to game server”



I’ve been logging in to game server for like 5 minutes

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Same here lol

Seems odd, they said they would invite everyone from last time. Are you sure the beta option is gone from bnet launcher?

I was in the last one too and I have acess

But I am still stuck on logging into game server

so is it me or is the beta stress is meant for alpha streamers?

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I think most of us are, just gotta be patient and eventually it will let us log in, or tell us to pound sand.


I’m in now!!! Char screen loading


Yeah, there’s only one PTR account under development. Last time it showed the Beta: Classic

this is taking foreeeever

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So do you keep trying to relog in, or do you wait at the “logging in to game server” forever??!

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This is Classic


Im waiting on the login screen myself, it is likely there is a queue, we just cant see it

I’m logged into the server, but no characters are available and I can’t create any either. The enter world button is greyed out saying, “The world is scheduled to be available soon.”

I was in the same boat…

Roll one if you got one! Hurry up and wait!