WoW Classic Stress Test – June 19-21

I highly doubt these are the demo servers. I suspect the demo realms were virtual machines running on the Live realms.

I’m suspecting these are the actual hardware for launch.

One of them was called Blizzard Demo Classic 21.

It was aye, I played on that one.

Probably because they were recycling configuration scripts from when they setup the BlizzCon Demo servers from back then. I highly doubt they’ve been sitting on the hardware for that many realms for the better part of a year unused.

These aren’t specific physical machines. They’re virtual realms. All they have to do is turn them off and the work units are usable elsewhere. Aside from a small amount of space in the storage NAS for the image, nothing would have been in use.


Yes, but for this Stress Test, I think it is running on the hardware they intend to use for Classic. I doubt that hardware is the same stuff they used during BlizzCon.

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The hardware for Retail isn’t dedicated servers. All realms are virtual now, which is how they can do Cross Realm Zones and load shedding.

The 10 classic realms may be spread across 4 physical servers or 40, depending on load and divisibility of work units.

The hardware that they used for Blizzcon has been running Retail work units for months, because that’s how cloud dispersal works.


Yes and no. The retail realms are “in a cloud” but it’s a very strong guarantee they’re not “in the cloud.”

Safe bet that Blizzard still retains dedicated hardware for their stuff.

It just runs as “a private cloud.”

What the DCs their stuff is at for those units that Blizzard isn’t using but has contracted for availability(at various levels of immediacy), that’s another matter.

Safe bet they’re adding some dedicated hardware to handle Classic. Classic needing it perhaps a little more than retail does due to differing implementations(re: sharding vs layering). Beyond that, agreed that one physical server is likely to be many realms worth of Vanilla capacity.

Just confirming, that the time in Australia will be 7AM on the 20th?

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They are in a Blizzard Private Cloud, totally. That doesn’t change the paradigm, just the number of physical boxes.

They may be adding more servers to their cloud for an increased load, but given that those servers are running Retail, Hearthstone and Overwatch too, they probably have spare resources given reduced loads from other platforms…

Based on what they were saying in the Dev Interviews, Classic realms require far less because the n-squared interactions between units are far less intensive due to Vanilla’s smaller complexity in spell interactions. That’s why 200 units crash a BFA realm and not a Classic realm.

7am Thursday, 20th AEST, correct.

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Will our characters from the stress test still be available or starting fresh again?

They’re gone, don’t expect them to return to you.

Completely new realms, no characters.

Sweet , was just wondering & I know they won’t go to live just curious due to the last stress test we could continue our same toons.

Given you can open up the realm list, how many characters does it list beside each :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the easiest way to tell.

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Resubbed! Woot!

Dang I’m glad I checked the forums just now; I had no idea this was coming. This is perfect, I had to take Thursday off from work for completely unrelated reasons and with it starting at 2:00pm I’ll only miss a few hours tomorrow.

Awesome day off work tomorrow.