WoW Classic Stress Test - A Few Follow Ups

We’ve seen a little bit of confusion on some areas that we wanted to help clarify.

If you were seeing other characters drop in and out of your view while you were playing during the stress test, we were manually doing things to make it more stressful and test as much as possible. This phase is over for the evening but we still need to know your thoughts and feedback on the experience you have on the four realms that are available. Please please please remember to include which realm you are playing on when providing your feedback.

We have also seen that some confusion on how to know if you are able to access the stress test. Everybody with an active game account is able to play it. You should see “World of Warcraft Classic” in your version drop down menu.

And last, if you haven’t done so recently, make sure your App is up to date. If there is a green bar along the bottom you’ll want to click on that to get it to the latest version.

Thanks again everybody for participating!


Just to confirm, we can completely uninstall the Beta client now, and we won’t need to reinstall it for any later test?

All tests from now on will use the live client, if you’re not in Beta?

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Do you really need the 4 gigs of space THAT badly that you want to uninstall it now?


Classic 12 tonight in the last hour was great! it was packed and full and had to hunt for mobs but i hit level 5 in one hour. felt rewarding. earlier on Classic 15 during all that craziness i was only able to hit level 3 in 2 hours because there was nothing to kill.

also… 0 lag the entire night on all servers. great job!

If we’re never going to use it, what’s the point of leaving it there? Do you really need hope that much?

Why wouldn’t you just leave it there until it gets really close to release? You never know what happens. Its 4gb not 400gb lol.

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Theres one more confirmed test coming at this point, i would wait until after that. But you do you i guess.

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And it will be a multi-region live stress test open to everyone with a subscription, so 99% chance it won’t be on the Beta client. Just trying to confirm that 1%.

It isn’t even that much due to how things are structured. Its likely to only free up about 300 megs worth of disk space if you still have classic(“live”) installed.

I made this thread: Feels Like I'm on a Dead Realm, but It's High Pop? before realizing this thread was here. In this thread I give my experience on PvP realm 3. Some people were very helpful clarifying some things I was unaware of, but this has been my experience all the same.


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As someone who is on 3, I second this. Feels like I’m leveling on Live, not a “launch day experience.”

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i am on 3 also yesterday when i started on 3 it was really bad in the human area took 5 hours just to get to fargodeep mine and that was so camped i just logged and tried it this morning. It was a lot better this morning but westfall felt kinda dead, it wasnt too bad but i felt there could be more people.

I honestly would have never found that… is that drop down list the only place it’s been at the last few weeks?? I thought it would be under the game section.

The only reason I figured it out is because everyone I know is playing the beta and had to tell me.

As someone else on realm 3 I am inclined to agree, the layers feel too small right now and the zones are more empty than they should be. While leveling it feels more like I started playing months later instead of a launch.

I was also in a 20ishman raid on elwynn today, we spent a good 2 hours running between redridge-westfall and barely saw any alliance around. It’s fine for a test realm but I feel the phasing needs adjusted. We also couldn’t see the other raid we were partnering with since they were on a seperate layer. Alliance had a raid as well but my group never saw them.

I think this is purely and simply down to the fact that they forced everyone onto two PVP realms (realm 3 being one of them) for the 3 hour test. As soon as they opened up 2 PVE realms, everyone rerolled.

The PVE realms have been consistently busy all day long. I’ve levelled to 12 on one of them, forget which. I think the PVP realms died off when they unlocked the two PVE.

There is some mechanics that might already be under investigation, but there is something going on with strafing and hitting targets running away from you. I made a gif that was on the classic stress test today that captures this perfectly.

My guess is this is some melee leeway that was implemented, sometime in Cata or MoP when deadzone was removed.

I cannot post links… Maybe a mod can edit…

Please look into this and fix it… its a HUGE buff to melee dps and sometimes causes for some even more annoying things to happen when fighting vs mobs.