WoW Classic Stress Test 1

Kind of feel like I wasted my 15 dollars making sure I’m subbed just to only be opted in to a two-hour only stress test.

I dont know if people know or not but I signed up for the stress about an hour ago and got in instantly. If you go to your Account Settings > Games and Subs > Starter Editions… Creating an account for the PTR worked for me.

Unless the client has a bugged cache, in which case it may say BFA Beta.

Honestly im ok not getting a stress test invite. 2 hours and to lvl 5 only is a tease. Guess I’ll wait til August and play then

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where did you see that confirmed. I have not seen it confirmed or denied

Up a little bit… WoW Classic Stress Test 1 - #86 by Bornakk


Thank you! I have no clue why people were assuming this to begin with.

Just finished my last final today what perfect timing. Hopefully I will be able to be apart of the actual beta as well!

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Come on blizz, 1 time for ya boy

haha well smacked down!!! haha thanks for the reply. Well i hope if i play enough and provide good feedback that might help…hint hint nudge nudge. …but nice RIP on my comment! made me laugh

Server is offline for me anyway, not sure if it’s filled up or what but I’ve been checking for almost 30 minutes now.

its offline until the scheduled play times for the stress test

Are you open to bribery… I can FedEx cookies to California… I make a mean double chocolate caramel chip cookie.


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Wow I don’t know why I thought it was today, too excited to read apparently

Alrighit. I’m calling it.

Early night for me tonight, can’t take refreshing the launcher anymore.

Fingers crossed I wake up to access. l o l.

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I did not have to refresh fyi it was just there

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Got into it downloading now sweettttttt


If it lets you log into the closed beta realms, you’re in the closed beta. Otherwise, you’re a stress tester.

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Eek! Poison!! :rofl:

Just help spread the word my friend! :slight_smile: