WoW Classic Server wait times


Step 2

Is anything being done about the crazy long queue times for the WoW classic Faerlina server? And no, I don’t want to faction change. I mean I want the vanilla experience (but not that part, lol). Also, thanks for everything you guys do. You rock.

(Perl) #2

I’m not sure if they’re still open or not, but they had been offering free transfers off of Faerlina for a while now.

Any info on transfers etc. for Classic Realms will be posted in the Classic General Forums.

(Tuskamus) #3

You mean beyond the sticky post warning… practically begging people to consider rolling somewhere else before the game launched? Beyond the free server transfers OFF the server? You mean besides those things?


Remote desktop.


What can be done? think about it…


Pretty sure I was clear about that. LMAO