WoW Classic Season of Mastery: Zul'Gurub Now Live!

WoW Classic Season of Mastery: Zul'Gurub Now Live!

Within the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale, distant drums beat in an ancient ritual, calling forth the Blood God, Hakkar to the ancient troll city of Zul’Gurub.

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Please merge all Classic Era servers to 1 PvE and 1 PvP. Create a server for CE that is designated as a “fresh” that resets 6 months after Naxx release where you can then transfer to an existing CE server, similar to SoM. Do this every 18-24 months.

Blizzard should keep Classic Era as a successful museum piece. There is and always will be a community, whether big or small that wants Vanilla WoW or a close enough iteration.

They have that in CE and can continue to be profitable while using minimal resources. The code is already written, the game is somewhat polished (minus the bugs that need to be fixed) and you have a happy playerbase that doesn’t require change or updates.


YES, give kekbot more loot. MORE LOOT FOR KEKBOT.


3 weeks after BWL lmao!


Yet again I miss another big event in classic…
Welp, here’s hoping for WOTLK! Imma get a boost!
Don’t judge me! I spent from launch to TBC 2nd State leveling my poor rogue, and I didn’t know your character would be stuck forever on Classic Era! I wanted to get to 60 the old fashioned way… The hollow forests and cities devoid of players… And that poor rogue which will never advance forward…They could’ve at least made it clearer… But, that’s all past! WOTLK i’ll experience it all, hopefully!

You guys ready to flask in zg and spam wipe and burn up all your bwl cons? Pog!


What upgrades does ZG even have other than the enchants tbh?

Tiger mount ofc

It’s a catch up raid. There are gear substitutes you can get, Class sets, OP Hunter Trinket, some BiS items, and of course those sweet Mounts.

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There’s a fair bit of spell hit gear.


Dungeons also have spellhit gear because of the upgraded dungeons that usually come after zg patch.

something should of been changed with the loot.

double heart of hakkar / trinket loot etc.

Why? He only has one heart. Loot scarcity was a big component of SoM.

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says who. the same people who said no changes.

I dont care what you think

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Lol said Blizzard. They didn’t want players to have full BiS going into a new raid.

Hints accelerated time line and up until recently, no additional loot drops per boss.

Your level 41, why should anyone care what you think about level 60 content?


and ur on a pve server.

Nah, actually I’m on a pvp server mate.

J to the O to the M

And I actually raid content.

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Attitude is a couple crayons short of a full box

It’s cool, blizzard’s servers are running on the same brain frequency. So my character never updates properly.

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ur on mutanis it says so in your name. smh