WoW Classic Season of Mastery Coming Soon

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and claim PServer infrastructure is a lot simpler than BNet.

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Anyone know what we’re supposed to be testing? I don’t know if It is intentional that we aren’t able to log in, or if this is an actual error. They didn’t really specify what we’re supposed to look out for.

well, when i made it to the server is said it was offline…

They just made a post about what we are testing and how the beta will progress. It’s capped to lvl 30 and we are testing the faster leveling.

most likely its an error

Hopefully this isn’t like TBC prepatch. Delayed to be delayed to be delayed to be delayed to be delayed to be delayed to then crash for 2 hours straight to then be delayed till the devs wake up to come in the next morning.

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more than likely they are doing some sort of server integration where the server goes on and off. either that or they are debugging where it auto fixes bugs with the server. ie server goes up, scans the server for bugs, fixes the bugs, server goes off. rinse and repeat tell they dont have errors

For real I just want to mess around on a beta lol

Well we’re already 30mins into that 2hrs of crashing. See ya’ll tomorrow I guess.

has anyone been able to make a toon yet?

Ill go ahead and butt chug some dr.pepper to keep myself awake like last time. See you in the morning bro.

Is that actually a thing? Seems like that wouldn’t be a thing.

Ive made the same gnome about 12 times now then immediately booted when i go to name them

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do the servers keep crashing cause they are using a pc with 8gbs of ram or they just restarting it manually every 5 minutes?

I’ll just try logging in later, I have more important stuff to do anyway.

Neither would surprise me

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yeah im not even making it to the character creation screen

please i need to reserve my poggers name

is it Samkha?

I have a new name now.

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No its not lol.