WoW Classic Season of Mastery Coming Soon

Made a character “loaded right into the disconnect screen.” They weren’t kidding that was some fast leveling.

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I’m sorry but Asmon is already taken.

Imagine caring about your name in a beta rofl

first person named beta wins

Have literally made the same character like 12 times but if i dare type anything immediately booted off

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i got in the game. then dc 20 sec later

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Neeko is the farthest so far

Development Notes – Season of Mastery Beta - In Development / WoW Classic Season of Mastery Beta - World of Warcraft Forums (

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i saw 2 other people


Anyone get in yet?

imgur com/hJPYH2C

in and then booted almost immediately

Classic, The grind just to login. More than worth it though.

Imagine being out done by a brand new development team that has smoother releases and launches than Blizzard.

Kings no more, stop hiring people from ITT Tech

Something is clearly very wrong and I doubt restarting the server a billion times is gonna fix it. Cmon Blizz give us some kind of update.

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Yea! Hire me instead! I sent an application 2 weeks ago… they ghosted me QQ

same ~100 person queue

its actually hilarious how pretty much every pserver i’ve ever played on didnt have issues just to get onto the game like this lmfao

Fancy! I like how this is going so far. Testing those login servers!


has anyone had any success making a char or are we all getting booting before

Man cant wait to make my character then have to go to work at 8am