WoW Classic Realm Names and Types - Updated Aug. 27

EST servers have a better latency for CST players in my experience.

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I’ll wait to create characters (reserve names) until we find out the data centers. My Nazgrel server was an east coast server, got merged with a central time server and our server time became central, but our data center is out in Los Angeles instead of Chicago. It’s only 73ms for me down in Florida, but when on my alts on Emerald Dream (where I rarely am anymore since Nazgrel is my main server), my latency is just 50ms. Doesn’t sound like much of a change, but the smoothness in gameplay is noticeable for me on Emerald Dream compared to Nazgrel.

So I’ll wait to see if those east coast servers are actually using the Chicago data center. LA does have about a half dozen retail servers from the eastern timezone, but that may have been the result of server mergers back in Mists of Pandaria. It does have a number of central timezone servers, though.

Such a disappointment. I was expecting at least the launch servers from 2004 such that I could find some old guildees. Now that’s not even an option. And no CST servers? Back in vanilla I’d get flamed at for being on an EST server because I had a CST schedule. Looks like I’m going to get flamed again.

Sigh, at least we’re still getting Classic…

Connected Realms, Battlegroups and collapsing 4 datacenters down to two.

Chicago is CST. I would like a CST server so that people will be on during prime time for more available players. For example. I have young kids and they go to bed at 8:30 CST. I would start playing/raiding around 9:00pm CST. The PST crowd would be 7:00pm which is kind of early and the EST crowd is at 10:00 pm. Without a CST server, it will be harder to find people in the CST zones other than hoping you picket the right PST or EST server with CST players in it.

Not a world ender, but would be nice to know if you will be on a server with a good prime time crowd to play with. At this point, we just have to guess and hope for the best.


Here’s the list of datacenters and realms
They give the IP so you can ping

Until we know for sure where servers are though, it doesn’t gain that much.

For all we know they may put all servers in LA and make it one Battlegroup so that CRBGs work across all servers.

Yeah, and at one point, either before we connected with Nesingwary and Vek’nilash, or when the data centers dropped to two, I think we were in the Phoenix data center. I can’t remember the latency back then.

Is there some evidence out there that this is only a portion of the NA realms that will be available? And if so can we get a link?

Yeah but you can ping those 2 datacenters now and see if there is any difference. Once the servers go live then you can figure out which data center is hosting them.

Anyone who has played rp-pvp on any of the 6 retail realms plays from Chicago as all the rp-pvp realms are hosted there.

Buddy, every pvp realm will be a streamer cesspool

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They migrated everyone to Chicago and LA years ago.

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So only one RP realm and it’s in the Eastern Time zone and none in the west. That kinda sucks for a lot of Rp’rs.


Uh, there is one pst and one est

Will the lifeboats be seated according to class?


bout to slob on me grob

# Ah sh1t, here we go again.

I didn’t even consider central/south america in my first thoughts, but they will def add a presence. I think they deserve to have servers too if they have the players to support it. It isn’t hard for you guys to add a CST server under the Chicago data center. I have no idea what data you guys are looking at, but looking at discord data for PvP servers… you are not prepared. You are not prepared at all. Disappointed in you blizz.

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Yep, but Moon Guard is a CST server based in LA. I’ve created Datacenter pages for Classic but until we know the IP addresses for the servers we can’t assign actual data center locations.

When we know, it can be updated at: