WoW Classic Realm Names and Types - Updated Aug. 27



We are all adults here and understand that you guys have your hands full at the moment and also don’t want to overkill the amount of servers opened due to the “first day hype” which will later die down, but right now queue times are at 6k players, meaning you guys should be releasing 3-5 at a time. There’s enough demand to fill up all of them. When initial hype dies down, worst that happens is population on some of those goes to “medium” which is acceptable. Customers that pay money for game time aren’t able to access the game isn’t “good business”.


P.S. nothing but love for you and your team, not hating, just stating the facts.


why dont they open up a dozen more (hidden) servers and make temporary connected realms? They dont need names and can be behind scenes, it just increases the capacity of the current full realms… I mean, Asmon had 200k live watcher yesterday, almost a quarter million…It would be like adding more harddrive space to your computer. Its that EZ right??? :wink:


They don’t do it because it was a community request not to. Thank the #nochanges people:)


Booooooo you suck.


I dont know how to fix this problem and im probably not alone, but the queues are so long my friends and I made characters and invested like 12+ hours into them, and now some are choosing they cannot wait out the queue and some are waiting out the Q, so friends are leaving to other servers and some are staying people are getting split up and are going to have less fun because of the botched launch. you guys started with like 3 servers per timezone? come on

(Kaivax) #1161

I’ve added two new realms to the list above:


plz more PVP SERVERS!!


It’s “great” you’re rush adding servers but its hard to give up 10+ hours played on a character one day and then restart on a brand new char the next just so you can play the game.

Why hasn’t there been any update on this situation? I don’t want to have 4 characters across 4 servers all with essentially no progress made on them just to log into WoW. :confused:


plz more PVP eastern SERVERS!!


You need to add 20 more servers at least not two.


You were not prepared.


You guys gotta add more EST PVP servers. It’s outrageous that these are the first to fill up and you add two more normal ones.


Any free transfers to this server?


We need more PvP US servers please


Well you were the one that put 10 hours into a backlogged queue game during its launch period. After being warned in advance.

Your admitting to putting 10 hours of playtime into the first 24 hours of a game.



Ok, so I want to make sure I understand all of my options, before I make a decision about how to proceed.
At this point I can;

  1. Reroll on a new server once a day for the next week or two (maybe, but hopefully not, more).
  2. Sit in 3+ hours Que every time I want to log in and play, for the next week or two (maybe, but hopefully not, more).
  3. Cancel my subscription and not play the game.
  4. Continue my subscription, but not play the game.

Does that about sum it up Blizzard?

Just open a bunch ( I mean a bunch) of servers NOW and deal with the fact that you may have to do realm transfers in a few weeks or months.


You do know pretty much everyone who got in at Launch time did this if not more right?

Filthy casual.


Was your reply meant to be directed at me? Because it doesn’t make any sense in relation to my post.


There’s an epic sword in vanilla named Ashkandi.


Think of this experience as eating out at a restaurant. If you just want quick and crap food you’d go to McDonalds and get it instantly. If you want that gourmet food like Ruth’s Chris or maybe an expensive restaurant at the 4 seasons, you wait in line.