WoW Classic Realm Names and Types - Updated Aug. 27

(Herschel) #1115

We need an eastern RP-PVP server tbh.


You guys think you want more servers, but you don’t.

Remember when you had over 50 server choices to choose from? You don’t want that again. Trust me. Having to figure out what server was the right choice for you in regards to PVP or Normal.

Now it doesn’t matter because we take that choice away from you with a push of a button. Remember your server going from Medium to Low? That’s still there…

Retail is where you guys REALLY want to be.


Did you really take a sarcastic remark as a serious one? You’re a special kind of stupid.


Where is the South America server???
This is Neglect! Just waiting for a communication barrier to create a toxic community. Where you at @blizzard!

(Kaivax) #1120

Noting that the OP for this thread is fully updated with all of the realms opened today.

(Kaivax) #1121

Noting that the OP for this thread is fully updated with all of the realms opened today.


the main problem is the fact that you put up new realms and crashed half the players on other realms then made us sit in this damn queue


Since they are opening servers, a Latin American server is not seriously possible


thanks for adding sulfuras the server is awesome! i can actually quest


Thanks for crashing us with the new realms and us that actually were actually in and playing go to the back of the que… How is that fair?? You guys can not do anything right…


Thank you for all, all of this.

Well done.


By the time this thread get’s updated in 1 month we’ll be at 3x the number of servers. We probably needed 50-60 from the beginning.


Good job, Blizzard-VERY WELL DONE


I’m glad to see most people’s sentiment is a job well done by Blizzard, but I expected more. For America West Coast PvP, it took hours before & after launch to get non-full servers up, when there was demand for more servers days in advance. The most important thing to me was getting my two friend groups on the same server, and I knew picking a realm without all our options on the table would be problematic. Well, now I have one group who beat the queue and is leveling on Whitemane, while the rest jumped to Rattlegore for a chance to play on launch day. And, of course, neither want to switch now. My request is that Blizzard enable realm transfers as soon as possible, as they were available in Vanilla. And next time, trust us when we say “we do”.

(Kaivax) #1130

I’ve updated the OP above with the newest Oceanic realm: Felstriker.

(Backstabs) #1132

need free realm transfers asap half the group is 15-20 the other half gets stuck in 12k que

(Backstabs) #1133

need free realm transfers asap half the group is 15-20 the other half gets stuck in 12k que


Gotta love a 5 hour queue to get onto Herod at 2:00 PM EST.

Glad Blizzard waited until the last minute to start adding servers…


4 hour queue to get into whitemane at 11:30am

(Zenetta) #1137

So thanks to your poor choice to try to ensure 0 layering by phase 2, we’re all in a garbage spot. Some people who can’t be on to game the queues haven’t gotten to play at all. Some of us have 10+ hours played, but different groups of friends are going to try to log in later and hit a multi-hour queue for the second night in a row and want to go to another server.

So now you’re either wasting the time of the people in the queues or the people who weren’t in the queue who got on, but now their friends want to go somewhere else.

Just add more layers and stop ruining the experiences of thousands of people in order to stick to your ill-conceived plan of no layering by phase 2.

At the very least give us all free xfers from any servers with queues to any server without so we can move to another server if all our friends ditch the servers we’ve already invested in. Note, even with this option, the fear of being on a dead empty servers is what keeps people wanting those higher pop servers, which is why you should just get over it and do more layering.