WoW Classic Realm Names and Types - Updated Aug. 27

I believe Chicago and LA respectively

Blizzard, how about increasing name reservations to 4? I am asking since I like playing both sides and it would be nice to have two names reserved for each side. :slight_smile: Still want central servers :wink:

@Blizzard will you give us an idea of how many people are allocated to a Low, Medium, High, Full population server?

This information will help me decide on which classic server I want to play on.


Any word on when the classic forums will have specific realm forums to start recruiting for guilds and to get an idea of what guilds will be where?


I have an active subscription, have downloaded Classic, but it shows servers are all offline. Did I miss name reservation?

No, they are adding a new realm.

Can you please tell us what low, medium, high, and full population ranges are? You don’t have to give us exact numbers if you’re scared to for some reason (we also need to know if it is based on the unique accounts on said realm or number of overall characters of said realm).

Something like:
Low: 0 - 20,000
Medium: 20,001 - 40,000
High: 40,001 - 60,000
Full: 60,000+

You honestly have enough space on the realm selection screen to make the list look like this:

Realm Name | Type | Characters | Population
Herod | (PVP) | (#) | Full (42,621 Alliance / 34,576 Horde)
or smaller form:
Herod | (PVP) | (#) | Full (77,197 - 55% A 45% H)


Seriously need help, I’m desperate. Ive been Raunchy the warlock since classic. I have a massive reward for some one to message me saying we can trade names. Please and Thank you.

Seems to be missing a server :thinking:

Herod is currently a full server. Does this mean if you do not have a character pre made on the server you cannot create a character? Had a couple of my friends wait until launch to make characters and now it seems they may not be able to play with us. Does “Full” just mean long quene times? Or can they not make characters on this realm ever?

I have never experienced a full server before and can’t really seem to find the answer.

Locked means you can’t create a character if you don’t already have one. Full is still just a population indicator.

Thank you!

I am but I don’t really count since I just returned to the came with the beta announcement.

Hi, I’m really happy to hear about the RP-PvP realm.

I’ve recently migrated over to WoW after playing Rift for the past year.

This summer, I guess I was trying to role-play in the Rift warfronts (battlegrounds), but felt a little self-conscious about it, because I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to do in PvP situations.

I like the idea of a Romeo & Juliet type of story (or Fox & the Hound), with forbidden love or a secret truce between people who are supposed to be enemies.

I think the idea was easy in Rift because we could talk to each other across factions. But I think in WoW, the words are jumbled across factions, and they cannot understand, as I recall from 10-12 years ago when I RPed in WoW?

I think the answer is No, but I just want to double-check: Will the opposite faction be able to understand what I say? Or just see emotes, maybe.

So I’m not sure if this little fantasy could play out (or if anyone would even be interested, lol), but maybe communication via emotes can be enough fun. :smiley:

Well, thanks, though. I’m really loving the game, so far. The Worgen starting area is simply amazing, and the music is absolutely perfect. I love that mobs auto-scale to my level, so I can go to different areas of the map.

Bump, Return to Sticky Please.

For WoW you might want to RP a cross species romance - Undead/Orc or something?


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It’s still stickied.

I couldn’t believe this existed… but then again, makes sense…

avoidstreamers . com

Any chance of getting another Western PvP Server?

I’m not sure where you heard that from. You might want to look at a population density map of the USA and educate yourself.