WoW Classic PTR Stress Test -- June 18

Just logged into the test realm and general chat is full of chinese language from characters with chinese names. Bot testers?

Layering servers will not solve the population problems. Please let people transfer off these servers for free. And stop letting people create new characters on these servers if they dont already have a character on the server.

So bot and hack to your hearts content because we can’t detect it.

Got it.


Layers are Better than Cues. The only people who dont like Layers are the Horders

I mean, you literally don’t have to play with layers. If you choose to play on a Full or high pop server, that’s on you. (I choose to, I understand the trade offs).

No. They promised they would remove layers by P2. This is THEIR problem, not mine. I won’t leave my friends behind because of their incompetence.

And they did.

So, no problem?


Meaning, THEY have to fix this mess not the player.

And they are back!

What mess?

Yes. That’s a trade off. Layers over queues. They aren’t going away, unless populations decline or player activity decreases drastically. For such an event to happen, you’d almost require the world to stop being in a state of emergency during a pandemic.

Or it would require blizzard to meaningfully address the bot issue that has bloated the servers with accounts that never log off.

I mean, let’s hope that now that they have something to address the unforeseen issue of needing to have layering while the AQ event goes live, due to a pandemic, that they are able to focus some efforts on the botting issue.

Kaivax all but stated that they are doing the best they can regarding bots. Think on that a moment. The botting epidemic, the bloated queues that result from it, the layers necessary due to their perpetual presence, and the wrecked economies.

This is the best we can expect from them.

And are you really going to pretend that the need to layer for the AQ event was not foreseen?

This is really cool and a great idea. Thank you for being proactive about this! I look forward to helping out :slight_smile:

No. I am not pretending.

You saw a pandemic coming? Come now… who is pretending?

I cannot imagine the panic the dev team has faced to try to implement features to handle the massive increase in consistently logged on behavior that is unique to the current time we find ourselves in, and which has a shelf life, meaning there’s not really any incentive to work to resolve the issue, as it’s a HARD problem, and the longer it takes to solve, the less relevant the solution will be, as the problem will go away relatively soon… without any expectation of returning.

What’s more important? Some bots are botting… OK - do most players notice this? Maybe you do - where are YOUR videos? I haven’t noticed these bots. Yes, I’ve seen the posts on the forums. Yes, I’ve seen the videos. But, I haven’t run into it in game.

OK, so bots are botting - yes that’s a problem. Yes we should deal with it. Oh, BUT WAIT!!! AQ is around the corner and guess what? the need for layering due to the massive numbers of concurrent players is immediate.

Oh… and do so while your team is displaced and working in a quarantine situation, ie. remotely, unlike it has ever worked before.

I promise that I will be as swift and decisive in doing this work for you as you are in your work of protecting all of us from bots and hacks.


Are you living under a rock?!

Christ… people these days.

Nobody believes you at this point.

Tons of us are working remotely. Are you going to suggest that an online game staff cannot manage to do so, when the game is literally online?

Of course you are. As this is what you do on this forum. Low speed trolling and white knighting.

Let’s help Blizzard on this stress test.

It’s better than doing nothing then complain afterward : “OMG IT’S LAGGY BLIZZARD WTF”

For once they communicate and they want to work with us to provide a good experience for everyone. So let’s do it.

Let’s show them that Classic matter for a lot of players and the community will work together to get the best experience. So they may continue to work & communicate with us.


So, secretly testing how much player performance you can sacrifice to jam even more gold farming organized crime groups onto the servers then? They must be giving Blizzard many millions of dollars in payola to look the other way, as they use stolen credit cards (which generate charge backs) and hacked accounts to fund their hundreds of thousands of bots.

Yes, thank you so much for all the queues, lag, botters and Chinese gold farmers already spamming the chat, screwing the AH prices and degrading our performance every day.

Just find ways to make it even worse, yes, that’s exactly what you should be doing…besides feigning shock at the server queues and lag, while doing absolutely nothing about any of it.

So you want us to support you on the test server, while telling us you don’t support the test server when TONS of people are having issues transferring their characters. If you fix that issue, you might get more help stress testing… just saying.