WoW Classic Pre-Launch Test 11:00 a.m. PDT August 8 and Minimum Specs

yeah we get to make 3 toons on Aug 12th to reserve names for launch

Wow really? I honestly had no idea about that but I look forward to it

I’m playing BFA on a 2009 Toshiba Satellite so I think about any computer can play classic.

OPEN to *ALL!!!
This is going to be great if we can have a lot of people to get on.
Some say the test time and date should of been moved so that more people could join in on the test. But this would take away from the more realistic numbers of people that will be playing on the 26/27th.

*All with a Sub or Time

Gonna be fun and different…

We will release details regarding realm names and realm types later this week

Ah damn, I need a keyboard and mouse to play classic? looks like its time for an upgrade.


Globally people typically do whatever the hell they want, on whatever schedule they chose to work. It’s not “typical”, it’s YOUR version of typical. By the way;
11AM PDT is:
3PM in Sao Paulo
7PM in London
8PM in Paris
9PM in Moscow and Istanbul
10PM in Abu Dhabi
4AM Sydney, Australia (rip) on FRIDAY August 9th
3AM Seoul, Kora (rip) on FRIDAY August 9th

So in the rest of the world, a lot of people are also working or not working, depending on their occupation. They ain’t gonna appease everyone, so why should they appease you specifically?


Excited for this!! Even managed to convince the Hubby to sub up too!!


Oof, 4am start for us Aussies. Might have to skip the fun of this one and just join in later to make sure my addons are setup and working.

Fabulous news!!! Thank you for this update with very clear times. This is tremendously helpful.

Well done Blizz :slight_smile:

The maximum character level will be 15.

Will you guys delete characters after the beta test?

I would assume so…I’ve already kissed my level 40 Priest goodbye from closed beta.

Thanks for correcting. That’s still much newer than the Windows side of things. Not sure that it really matters as Mac isn’t really great for gaming but it would have been nice to see them really drive it down. Maybe to the last PPC macs before the transition to Intel but I know that’s probably never going to happen given the code is legion based and PPC support was dropped back in cata.

OK, the code for posting time in local time is pretty neat, KUDOS :slight_smile:

As soon as i get home from work at 530pm, im in!

hype is so real, I woke up early and made the wife breakfast,
dancing on my tippy toes lol.


Hyped! Hope it lives up to the nostalgia

Can someone please post the “Wall of NO”?


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Love how you just say 2:00 PM but don’t say which time zone for those who don’t know.

But for those who don’t know, it’s PDT.