WoW Classic Pre-Launch Test 11:00 a.m. PDT August 8 and Minimum Specs

Oh I’m so there.
I didn’t think I would be, but I’m so stoked over this. I can’t wait to play Vanilla Classic, and then move my toon to the TBC server, (and then race change him into a Draenei) then eventually Northrend (Wrath server).
That’s where my heart still lives, and it’s where it will stay.
This is the way it should have been done from the start. Give the player the option to choose themselves when to move onto another expansion and altered game rules/mechanics, or stay.
Thank you Blizz for granting us this.


I personally think giving players a “FREE” game time pass for 2 days would greatly help promote an accurate test. 1 day prior to install. and 1 day active during the test.

There are hundreds of people within my guild alone that are holding off on resubscribing until either name reservation or launch day just a few hours prior. Mostly because many are not wanting to play/pay for BFA while waiting for classic.

Also if you give the 2 day pass for a stress test. It allows you to promote the retail game as well, and show off it’s “features”.

Will I re-sub just for the final stress test? I am highly pondering it as I am wanting to improve the gaming experience.

@Orronis, Are you a psychic? We don’t have BC and Wrath in this, just the Classic. You won’t get yourself to Outland, or Northrend, unless you stay in the retail game.

Sorry, bud. I hear ya. I started in Wrath, I miss it a lot. So much has changed.

No buddy. They’ve already announced it. If it all goes well, they will release servers that you can transfer your Classic character to. It will then of course be subject to all game rules and mechanics of those expansions. The Vanilla Classic server will remain the same. At least… as I understand it.
Please don’t tell me I was misinformed…:sweat::sweat::sweat:

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will we be able to keep the characters we leveled or is it like beta, when will we see server names aswell would like to choose a server with guild


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Where did they announce they were going to do BC and Wrath? Links please.

They haven’t. People are assuming it, because of ease, cost, and simplicity.

That’s what I thought. No official word they will be opening BC and Wrath servers. They might, and I hope they do, but not for a couple of years anyway. Let’s just enjoy Classic and hope we can keep it going!

you have 3k achieve points you clearly aren’t invested in this game or blizzard kbye

lel, imagine thinking bfa and classic are the same thing… or even comparing one to the other :rofl:.

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I am hoping to be the first to not play Classic!

I am looking forward to things being different for a minute.

Thanks for the update! Can’t wait!

Any character or advancement we make during testing, we lose that on release day or do we get to keep that? Wont change if i jump on or not but just a curiosity of mine.

why would you think youd get to keep any of it? - betas are wiped, stress tests are wiped - this will surely be wiped

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im thinking the character we create will dissapear after the test is done? >.>

Will this classic game be in native 4k resolution?

I am really disappointed in Blizzard right now. If you guys really wanted to stress the servers, you would have opened the very last stress test to the public. I know you are just trying to squeeze every nickle and dime out of people for a 24 hour test, but if you really cared about Classic, you would have just opened it up to the public for the final test and really see how your servers could handle layering and the server capacity. Call of Duty MW just had an open beta weekend, to let the public test the game and probably see how their servers handle the large number of people playing their game and the interest in their game, but there was no stipulation that I had to own Call of Duty BO4 to play the open beta weekend. People that are playing BFA right now aren’t going to test a classic server as well as people that are actually interested in Classic. The majority of people playing BFA right now are more interested in BFA, than wasting their time testing out a version of the game they aren’t going to play, or aren’t that interested in. If you opened the game up to the public, you would bring over most likely a large number of players from private servers who actually want to play classic, and would really like to see how your bran new layering system works. All I can see coming from the stress test is a bunch of numbers that wont represent the actual community that is interested in playing classic, and having you (Blizzard) inaccurately make assumptions and really mess up layering and server capacity due to these assumptions.


Will the characters created in pre-launch be playable when the official launch comes out?