WoW Classic Pre-Launch Test 11:00 a.m. PDT August 8 and Minimum Specs

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Our global pre-launch test of WoW Classic will begin on 2019-08-08T18:00:00Z and is scheduled to end on Friday, August 9. This test will be available to all World of Warcraft players with a current subscription or active game time in all regions. The maximum character level will be 15.

We ask that players please log-in and play as much as possible during the first two hours of the test – 2019-08-08T18:00:00Z2019-08-08T20:00:00Z, as that is when we’ll be actively monitoring for issues important to launch.

WoW Classic is now ready for all players to install from the Blizzard Desktop App in advance of the test. To install WoW Classic:

  1. Open the Blizzard Desktop App and select World of Warcraft in the game selection menu on the left.
  2. Under the Version dropdown menu, select World of Warcraft Classic. If you have more than one World of Warcraft account, you’ll see a second dropdown for Account. In that column, select the active account to associate with your WoW Classic install.
  3. Click the Install button. You’ll see an installation progress bar that will show you when the installation is complete.

Minimum Specs

We’ve finalized the minimum specifications required to play WoW Classic on PC or Mac. Please note that these are much lower than the minimum specs required to play Battle for Azeroth. Recommended specs are the same for both.

In our hardware testing, we found that we were able to successfully run WoW Classic on systems manufactured and released in the 2007-2009 timeframe, and thanks to improvements in how we build and distribute game data, the hard drive space requirements are actually smaller than they were in version 1.12 of original WoW.

OPERATING SYSTEM Windows® 7 64-bit (with latest Service Packs)
PROCESSOR Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8750
VIDEO NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GT 512 MB or AMD Radeon™ HD 4850 512 MB or Intel® HD Graphics 4000
MEMORY 2 GB RAM (4 GB for integrated graphics such as Intel HD Graphics series)
STORAGE 5 GB available space
INTERNET Broadband internet connection
INPUT Keyboard and mouse required. Other input devices are not supported.
RESOLUTION 1024 x 768 minimum display resolution
OPERATING SYSTEM MacOS® 10.12 (latest version)
PROCESSOR Intel® Core™ i5, 2.0 GHz or better
VIDEO Metal capable GPU with 1 GB VRAM
MEMORY 2 GB RAM (4GB for integrated graphics such as Intel HD Graphics series)
INTERNET Broadband internet connection
INPUT Keyboard and mouse required. Other input devices are not supported.
RESOLUTION 1024 x 768 minimum display resolution

We’ll see you in Azeroth on 2019-08-08T18:00:00Z!

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Thanks for the update!

Can't See WoW Classic

Glad to hear. Thanks for the update.

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That means I can play classic from the couch on my old lenovo i5 laptop with integrated graphics.

Thank you Blizzard! Bravo engineers.

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Awesome! Time to sub up!

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Scheduling paid time off ASAP


Have fun! See you all on launch day. Be sure to experiment with macros and addons, see what works and what doesn’t.

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Thanks for the update. I’ll be online and ready to go for the test.


We getting the realm list as well anytime soon?

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Officially Official


Our toaster


I forgive you for hiding my link to the prematurely released Russian post. hrr hrr hrr. Looking forward to hammering the login servers on Thursday!


Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing! :grinning:


Hmn. Possible Switch release?

Molten Core on the go! That’d mean no one would ever have an excuse not to show. Ever! As a guildmaster this idea excites me.

At your daughter’s funeral? Hey - she’s dead, not you. My sympathies. In consolation, I’ll comp your consumables for this particular raid.

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Would LOVE to play during the first 2 hours of the stress test, but work and all :c


:wheelchair: lol :wheelchair:


YAY!! Thanks Blizz!


I still have Classic installed since the last stress test, do I need to install it again?

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Yay!! Thank you for the update Kaivax, can’t wait!


What time is the test ending on Friday?
I cant even get online until Thursday night.