WoW Classic Patch 1.13.6 is Here

The patch notes are in our WoW blog.

While the bugfixes listed in the 1.13.6. patch notes are now effective, all of the new content included in today’s patch will become available at 2:00 p.m. PST (5:00 p.m. EST) on Thursday, December 3.

This includes everything except the Argent Dawn questgiver who allows you to complete attunement to Naxxramas in advance. She has been available for the last two weeks in Light’s Hope Chapel.

In case you missed it, here’s an outline of updates we’ve made to the Scourge Invasion event.

We’ll see you facing off against the scourge at 2:00 p.m. PST on Thursday!


very cool.


Resolved an issue that prevented the Bind-on-Equip Epic item The Lion Horn of Stormwind from being able to drop.

That doesn’t seem like an issue to me.

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I would think that if they did note that people would not notice either way.

I dont know about anyone else but server keeps kicking me…

The servers keep crashing, yes.

Hrmm, community manager with just 600 posts. Puts things in perspective.

wouldnt say crash as i can play and log right back in… But keep being Dc’ed at random intervals.

Yes, because the server is crashing. It disconnects me and then when I log back in, the server shows as Offline.

rofl imao the server crash

It’s patch day. Won’t be up till 2pm pst.

No? The servers are online and you can log in and play, but the server keeps crashing every few minutes.

They probably forgot to turn off the login servers. You know small indie company.

Can you turn the NPC on that gives the “Echos of War” Quest early as well?

LHC is going to be a complete mess on the third, would be nice to be able to pick it up ahead so we can zone in with it.

Is that the Naxx Attunement? If it is the npc for it is already there and you can attune right now.

Its the quest that opens all the T3 gear and craftables, without it you might as well not be attuned (Unless you dont care for T3)

nope it’s the one to kill the trash mobs that opens up your turn ins for t3 and quests for frost resist gear, with that quest not put in early any guild that goes in when the instance opens and kills any boss will not be able to complete the quest and not be able to get their frost resist or turn in any tier tokens until the following week.

Not a huge deal, but it seems strange that the attunement was put in early possibly to avoid the huge amount of congestion at LHC when it opens but this quest was not.

Ah, i see. If it was anything like the Classic PTR it was a disaster in EPL.

That’s because there is maintenance and an update happening to Classic and the Blizzard launcher clearly states the game won’t be available for play until 3pm today.