WoW Classic on launcher but is faded out and


It says I can’t play yet? I did the two first stress tests, Im not sure why it’s doing this.


Blizz re-added it on the launcher if you still had it installed in case you needed to uninstall it.

TBH I think it’s also so the launcher keeps it updated for future tests.

(Summerayné) #3

“Earlier today, we made the stress test install appear on the game screen of the launcher for all players who have installed it. This is to make it possible to uninstall easily.”

This is the post from Kaivax in another thread regarding this.


Blizzard had a grand idea to make people re-sub.


You could have read one of the many other threads on this exact topic, then you’d see why it was doing this.


Same here.

I hope some more slots open up as the weekend goes on.


Incorrect. The beta has been updating regularly for everyone that had it prior - it has automatically updated, and pops up saying so, you just couldn’t see it.