WoW Classic: Mouse-over stutter

I’m having a problem where any time a NPC, Mob, or otherwise interactive target with a pop-up tool tip causes a small ‘freeze’ or stutter when the mouse is cursor is placed over them. Moving the cursor back and forth of a target causes an endless amount of small stutters every time the cursor hits them. Strangely enought the issue does not occur if the target being mouse overed is dead and already looted. This issue occurs only on living targets or targets that are dead and not looted. Otherwise the rest of the game is very smooth.

Something to note is that this was also happening for me in WoW: BFA and was the reason I stopped playing as it can be very frustrating.

Here is a video of the problem:

Something I noticed after posting and watching the video, is that the cursor disappears when the issue starts to happen, and for the rest of the video the cursor is invisible. However, while I was recording I could see the cursor just fine.

Update: Upon further review it seems like the problem happens when the cursor changes from one type to another. Hand to sword, sword to hand, hand to speech bubble, etc.


This is an exact problems I’m having at the moment as well. It sort of fixed itself a few days ago with nothing changed, then right back to it. Exactly how you say, when the mouse cursor changes its graphic (hand/sword/mag. glass). I’ve tried all the usual troubleshooting.

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