WoW Classic Mods via Twitch


I haven’t played this game since around the year 2010.
I used to utilize mods during that time. The Twitch app now supports mods and I have gotten a few of them to work within the retail version of the game, but during the stress test for WoW Classic, none of the mods worked. Does the classic version of this game no longer support mods? Or does the Twitch app not offer support for Classic WoW?


The Twitch Client lists WoW Classic as a separate game on the dropdown. Make sure you don’t have the retail version selected when you install them


Also, make sure you’re using Classic compatible addons


Be alert. To many times I went to get a classic addon and the game version displayed as 8.x.x. The few of those I tried did not work/threw errors.

Generally I use curseforge and wowinterface and make sure the game version is 1.13(.x).

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I use to locate add-ons then manually download from the source, and manually install. I suspect it may be a while before the Classic add-on situation is sorted out enough that they can be gotten from one source (specifically Twitch).


Twitch owns Curseforge so the addons available via the Twitch Client (formerly the Curse Client) should be the same as the Curseforge site


The twitch app FAILS at finding 1.13 addons, you will get 8.x.x addons often, thats why I said be alert. I just use curseforge (and wowinterface) cause I don’t need an extraneous interface to do a search.

I suspect Twitch may step up their game once classic is actually live, til then I pass.

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For the most part you may be better off doing it manually until the WoW section gets a bit better in its pipleine to understand what version of the Addons to give you.

The few times i tested the auto update after a new Classic version was pushed i found that it was updating to BFA and no Classic. Overall the addons shouldnt change that much because the expansion is being built around one aspect unless they want to break the LFG addon in which case we may have an API update .


I really hope they will. He is not only filtrering the chat.

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Something to ask in the AMA later today i guess.


Hi Folks,

Other than the twitch app and other than doing it manually, is there an app out there to update addons? I can’t seem to find one, but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places.

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I’m having an issue where some mods are releasing their classic version in the same mod as the retail version, like DBM… so I can’t just click the ‘update all’ button any more, as it will install the classic DBM on to my retail WoW :frowning:


Twitch needs to fix their filter to search for 1.13.2 version mods only. The curseforge website allows you to do that at least. You can still update mods via twitch though after you’ve manually installed. I haven’t had issues with it updating to the BFA version. just did DBM and it updated the classic version.

I do have retail and classic in different hard drives though.