WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 22


This… I don’t have words to describe the headache I got reading this.

Vanilla was their first release of the game. If you think ANY game is released pristine and perfect. You. Are. Wrong.

The fact that the game has evolved over the years (let’s ignore the money grab changes for now), is proof that they are continuously attempting to improve the game.

The fact that the guards become aggressive if a player attacks another is proof that neutral cities are a no fly zone. Period. Fight the guards too or don’t fight at all.

The fact that you are defending people who exploit the ‘gaps’ just makes me think you’re salty you can’t do it anymore!


Why wouldn’t they just make it totally inaccessible and avoid all of this nonsense if it’s use is against ToS? I don’t like it, cheap exploit for edge lord griefer types, but silently map edit the path, laugh at people who still try over and over and over, and move on.


So a melee jumps up to kill them, and the other player hops down and isn’t even attackable. Wow, what skill.

Keep crying.


Don’t blame me for your headaches. You are the one that seems to be confused. You see I’m only against over zealous account sanctions, NOT them changing the guards to stop ganking. If they don’t want players to do it, then fair enough, buff the guards (as I said in what you quoted). But unnecessarily attacking player accounts is awful. If they don’t want people to do something in a video game… then don’t give them the option in the first place.


Random tauren says I don’t care well alright boys let’s pack it up chucktaurus says screw the rules


This is a bunch of bullcrap, but I’m not surprised at all. Typical Activision.


Yeah because activision was around in 2006 for wow content. Weird how the rules in 2006 are STILL the rules in 2019.


Trying to save face for Blizzard. I guess they don’t deserve it, according to you.


You want them to spawn Eye of C’Thun there?


Was kind of interesting AFKing for a minute in Gadgetzan and finding out I died due to a Spriest DOTing me from on top of the inn. No idea that was a thing.


Can anybody tell me if the drop rate of Essence of Air has been nerfed from the mini whirlwind things in Silithus?


Tough issue

Agree with blizzard on this one. When you see the guard run towards you and suddenly stop for no reason its obvious that it is a bug. Using this to your advantage to attack players in towns is pretty low and bliz is completely within their rights to do this.

Have a good day!


the cryin in here is hilarious lmao… “wahhhh i cant safe spot anymore wahhh”


lmao bull. Private server neckbeards are the loud minority - changes would be welcome.


All I know is, if you have to gank lowbies from the rooftops in gadget, ya just suck at pvp. kthx


“boo hoo, I can’t cheat anymore, waaaah waaaaah” - you


I agree with what you say, Kraft. This is for sure the correct way to deal with the situation. Banning people is stupid, give all the guards guns that can shoot rooftop gankers and just be done with it.


how was this an issue, if I stealth a pet shouldn’t be able to see me unless a hunter has me marked and only his pet. This sounds like ya’ll broke something that wasn’t broke.


Good, great change.

Now just permaban anyone caught abusing the unintended rooftop/safespotting areas, and the game will be better for everyone playing by the rules.


Either way, devs would be making changes to the game whether it’s the TOS changing or modifying HUNDREDS of in-game models. Obviously it’s less costly for Blizzard to adjust the TOS versus paying a designer to modify each model, individually and paying testers to see if such solution even works.
All you people complaining about Blizzard banning for these offenses are the toxicity that this game doesn’t need. You can’t win a fair fight, so you must gank others where they are unable to fight back.
Where’s the honor in killing a defenseless player? Sadly, so many players have ZERO honor. Ganging up on other players and/or attacking them when they are fighting a mob and low on health and/or killing players 11+ levels below you.
Shame on ALL of you!