WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

Please read closely. I acknowledged their mention of the terms from 2006.

You’re basically saying you abused safe spotting because pvping when they can fight back is unfair and now you have to actually try.

It sounds like YOU don’t want to be on a pvp server because you want a 1 sided fight where if they try to fight back, the guards killed them. Fighting in town is still legal, abusing guard logic and figuring out how to safely kill in a city where you are CLEARLY not supposed to be doing that is obviously against TOS.


Again, I’m saying the terms were bad and the game was fine. Did anyone ever actually get banned for rooftop ganking in vanilla?

When there’s PvP problems you come up with PvP solutions. Rooftops aren’t inaccessible to other players.

PvP erks people all the time. Rooftop ganking just gives people an excuse to report them.


it’s more like good strategy i’ve been on the receiving end to rather then complane i fought back it’s what pvp is all about

I have a link I can try to post of a blue post saying rooftop camping is bannable.

i.imgur .com / B4vBY8D.png

just remove the spaces. I’ll post the quote for those who don’t want to leave the forums:

“There has been some confusion in regards to whether or not the act of ‘rooftop camping’, or killing players while using geometry to avoid the town guards, is allowed. We will no longer condone this act in game. Players who participate in this method of PVP will be given and warning and educated on this new policy, and further action will be taken as circumstances warrant. We wish to provide a fair playing field to our customers, and this abuse of game mechanics has been hampering that effort.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
Assistant Community Manager”

edit: This blue post quote was dated 05/05/2005 @ 2:58 PM


Again, I don’t care. I’m saying the terms should be changed to allow rooftop ganking. It’s fine and shouldn’t be considered an actionable exploit in my opinion.


Could you explain why you think roof top camping should be allowed? How does that benefit the game?


Because it’s just PvP. Rooftops are easily accessible by anyone. And escaping a player on a rooftop in a neutral town is quite easy as well. The negative impact on an individual player is no greater than if they’re being ganked anywhere else in Azeroth.

This is nowhere near the same level of exploit as something like wall jumping to cap nodes in AB before the game starts, yet people are demanding the same level of punishment.

Just treat rooftop ganking like PvP because that’s what it is.


I’m going to use the gadgetzan arena for this example.

You have to abuse terrain to get on top of the the arena. You have special jumps you need to do towards specific spots to allow access up to the top of the arena. Now when you attack a low level, or even on level player, they are unable to attack back as that will cause the guards to attack them, but not you. For them to be on the same level as you, they need to perform the same jumps you performed, but WHILE you’re killing them. It will never work, you will always kill them before they can reach you to even start a counter attack.

Say you’re killing a level 40 who is trying to quest. In the world, sure that’s fine because they can always res sickness and move to another location, they can wait you out, they have options. When you’re camping a town, you can kill quest givers, you can camp the turn in locations, you can do so much to prevent the other player from advancing without killing them necessarily, it’s not on the same level. This is griefing and it is not allowed either, check the TOS.

I do not understand how anyone can say “it’s just PVP” when its clearly a one-sided, unintentional advantage.

Using your example of “This is nowhere near the same level of exploit as something like wall jumping to cap nodes in AB before the game starts”

I’ll use your exact wording: “…easily accessible by anyone” Anyone can do it, so why shouldn’t it be allowed?

I’ve had it done when I played horde and alliance. It kinda sucks when they’re not playing fair, huh? Almost like they’re on top of a roof and you can’t do anything except take the loss.


If standing far enough away from a guard to not get attacked when ganking somebody is an exploit, then so is standing outside the town gates. Using that logic anybody that doesn’t march up to a guard and demand to be killed after attacking a player is exploiting.

PS There are still dozens of places inside of everlook, bb, and gadg where gaps open up between guards that allow ganking. If the intention of Blizz was for every square foot of the city to trigger guard aggro, then they need about 3 times as many guards as they have currently.

If you can attack players, and they can attack you back, it’s a non exploitative fight.


Cool, can you guys hot fix guards to not dynamically respawn, since they arent supposed to.

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What about all the rooftops you can access without “abusing” terrain? What about the ones you can get on from a few epic mount jumps?

To me people complaining because they can’t figure out how to get on a rooftop is akin to someone complaining their opponent in Street fighter isn’t playing fair because they know how to use a hadouken. IMO stop complaining and learn how to get on the rooftop to kill them. Get a few people to help ya.

It’s still a PvP problem with a PvP solution.


If getting on top of the arena wasn’t intended they would of just got rid of the wall jumps that made it possible instead of changing the game to something it wasn’t.


If you are standing inside of a city with armed guards that you know will attack on upon aggression, you should be attacked no matter where you are standing inside of the town if you decide to start a fight.

If you are standing outside of the city, obviously do not expect protection.

It’s that simple.


If you have to use specific speeds and jumps to gain access to the terrain, it’s terrain abuse.

I’ve already posted evidence from GMs back in 2005 saying the EXACT same thing but you said “I don’t care” so there is no use arguing with you.

You have your opinion that rooftop camping should be allowed probably because you have trouble pvping in an open world where they can actually fight back. It’s okay. Just stick with large numbers and be sure to only roam around the lower level pvp areas like southshore, menethil, and arathi


No need for personal attacks, friend. I respect your ability to articulate your point. Let’s just agree to disagree.

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Ignorance of the ToS or blatant exploiting of LOS should not be tolerated just because “PvP happens”.

I’m glad you guys stepped up and made this change because while I AM for #nochanges, there are some things that are seriously just oversights and bugs that should have been fixed while all this was live anyway.


This should have been done a long time ago but taking action against players for avoid guards is beyond ridiculous. Go mess with multi-boxers or something.

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I welcome this change.

The buggy and exploited features can gladly go away as they take away from the gaming experience.

“But hurdur #nochanges!”

Improvements are good, get your tin foil hats off. This isn’t the first change and it won’t be the last.


This… I don’t have words to describe the headache I got reading this.

Vanilla was their first release of the game. If you think ANY game is released pristine and perfect. You. Are. Wrong.

The fact that the game has evolved over the years (let’s ignore the money grab changes for now), is proof that they are continuously attempting to improve the game.

The fact that the guards become aggressive if a player attacks another is proof that neutral cities are a no fly zone. Period. Fight the guards too or don’t fight at all.

The fact that you are defending people who exploit the ‘gaps’ just makes me think you’re salty you can’t do it anymore!