WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

Hunters need buffs.


Hopefully more fixes for hunters.


I like it!

Allow hunters to trap in combat which will make feign go on cooldown as well as trap to resolve issue with FD/Trap issues in pvp. Out of combat trap will not make feign go on cooldown.


Makes sense.

Really though concerned about this change because its a change to a game that shouldn’t really have any changes. Hopefully this is the only instance of the game being altered to not represent the correct version.


Time to become friendly with the goblins.


Its a decent solution. Its basically the same reasoning as having tradeable loot in Raids. They don’t have the people to police the situation.

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but you’re changing the game not cool



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While I agree with you its about as elegant of a solution as you can find. It keeps the spirit of the area without needing to have an army of GM’s to deal with a ToS issue.

Sweet! :grinning:

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Thank you for finally communicating with us! Keep it coming!!

Thank you again!


Cool now can you add a laser beam of death that one hits the scum undead shadow priests always camping red ridge inn. I swear it’s always the damn undead shadow priests camping lowbies out there


Actually the range of the goblins have been to low since laumch. They are bringing them more inline with vanilla.

Consistent with players of 2006.

Not consistent with 2006.

This was always a PvP problem with a PvP solution. In my opinion if it really was against the terms then the terms were bad. The way the game worked was fine. Modifying the terms is far less impactful on the vanilla experience.


Try again, Chuck. (Actually don’t)

to me this hurts the spirit of the game back in classic me and my friends would pvp a lot in gadgetzan the appeal was you could actualy pvp there not just be attack endlessly by guards also everyone has a choice if you don’t want to pvp dont roll on a pvp server if you just want to pvp sometimes just roll on a pve server and you can enable pvp anytime you want but to change the game for everyone is just silly

this change continues to chip away on the classic game it’s that slippery slope in action


Wait, so the blue post from 2006 isn’t addressing the issue? It was always against TOS, not sure why people suddenly thought it was okay.

People were posting screenshots of getting banned and private messaged by GM’s when they were doing it in Classic with the GM’s basically saying “if you continue, you will be banned”

I can’t post links in my reply, but I have a blue post link from 2006 saying that LOS rooftop camping in goblin cities is against TOS.


Please read closely. I acknowledged their mention of the terms from 2006.

You’re basically saying you abused safe spotting because pvping when they can fight back is unfair and now you have to actually try.

It sounds like YOU don’t want to be on a pvp server because you want a 1 sided fight where if they try to fight back, the guards killed them. Fighting in town is still legal, abusing guard logic and figuring out how to safely kill in a city where you are CLEARLY not supposed to be doing that is obviously against TOS.