WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

The threat generation of Ectoplasmic Distiller was known about in Vanilla, and used by guilds. The hotfix of this is unnecessary not only due to this, but because nobody is being forced to use it. Threat is certainly not a non-issue in Classic, but it isn’t a major issue for many guilds. If anything, the threat generation from this item would be a boon to tank specs that see minimal or no play (bear/prot pally) by allowing them to not have to rely on farming MCPs endlessly or running oom halfway through a fight from spamming GBoK.

That said, I understand the amount of possible cheese for guilds that do struggle with threat. But imo, even with the distiller, those guilds won’t be able to us the distiller nearly as much through AQ or especially Naxx anyway because of the increased player displacement during boss fights. And again, nobody has to use it.

I just think Blizz could have thought about this decision a bit more before insta-nerfing it.

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Remove world buffs in raids. Remove the threat generation from diamond flask. Make AP buffs affect ranged as well as melee.

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Ho no, not THIS again.

You mean, like LFG/LFR/Transmog/Shop services etc… ?

Retail is full of this “nobody is being forced to use it” features go ahead and have fun.

The fix is fine. Who want to trivialize (more than is it already) the content just for an item that was use by probably 0,01% of the playerbase ?

basically this post is “we dont care about collusion, we dont care about autoclicking or tagging addons, we dont care about mass reporting, we dont care about griefing, you asked for this”

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I posted about problems with Rend buff on layered realms after the world buffs hotfix in the bug forums. Hoping this can be fixed.

Here are today’s hotfixes :slightly_smiling_face:

August 4, 2020
WoW Classic

  • The Blue Scepter Shard, Green Scepter Shard, and Red Scepter Shard quest items are now Epic quality.
    • Developers’ note: We’re changing the item quality on the Scepter Shard quest items to Epic (purple) so that they’ll be easier to distribute to the correct person in raids using Group Loot or Master Looter.
  • Fixed an issue that caused C’Thun within Temple of Ahn’Qiraj to incorrectly delay casting Eye Beam when engaging in combat.

#Open the transfers

" WoW Classic

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Frost Wands from weakening Viscidus in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj."

What complete utter nonsense. Frost Wands should work now, but not the Warblade of Caer Darrow that has built in frost damage?

Not to mention Holy damage, being RESISTED - blocked, parried, etc.



Holy resistance outside of level difference

Barov sword nerf

Distiller nerf

It’s almost like they hate Paladins all over again.

I encountered this bug on retail a few weeks ago on my priest. Even put in a bug report as well. Any news if that bug was fixed as well?

and the transfers when?

Any word on Twin Emps caster boss meleeing the warlock for what appears no reason? Saw multiple bug reports in the bug report forum on this, but no blue response yet.

Was the trash not having abilities fixed as well?

Can we address the second boss event 50/50 change at resetting?

Are you SERIOUSLY not going to address the issue with infernals causing the guards in cenarion hold to aggro the people who got hit?

Serious buffs

October 21, 2020
WoW Classic

  • The Hallow’s End Tricked or Treated aura can no longer be pushed off by other auras when reaching the aura limit.
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November 2, 2020

  • Original WoW 1.11 Nature Resist gear is now obtainable.
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Buffs dropped on Layered realms are not giving the buff to all layers with the NPC currently active.