WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

RIP all those arguments claiming the change was made to stop boosting.


Because by “take action” they mean banning. You’re confusing “take action “ with “affect.”

Now, if we could just get the quest chain for Seal of Wrynn to work…

Thousands of people watching the thread, waiting for a response, since… Sept? Wow.


As a hunter main I really agree with this. The strength of a hunter in PVP is not the raw output, it’s the utility and the team’s ability to utilize a hunter. They’re still the weakest PVP class because of their deadzone and range restrictions, but they can be incredibly deadly when their team utilizes their kit and doesn’t just tell them ‘shoot the healers from the back’.

We are all waiting with breath that is bated. I do recommend, everyone submitting a ticket and a bug report for Infiltrating the Castle. This is still ongoing.


July 22, 2020
WoW Classic

  • On a realm that is currently layered, turning in Head of Onyxia, Head of Nefarian, or Heart of Hakkar will now start the event dialogue for each layer in which the NPC is currently alive.

if im on a layered realm and the head of onyxia is turned in on layer 1, both layer will get the buff but both layer will have their cooldown reseted?

What about the rend buff?

What about Rend head though? This is the exact same issue for horde players who end up on the wrong layer when a Warchief’s Blessing goes out.

I’ve added the Head of Rend Blackhand to the note. It was a subject of this fix.

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How does this play with the cooldowns. Will a drop on one layer trigger the cooldown on the other or are cooldowns entirely unimpacted?


It sounds like announcing a buff is dropping, but not specifying the layer. Please correct me if I am wrong.

ony head just dropped on my server and only people on 1 of 2 layers got buffs !?

If you killed a NPC on either layer the NPC’s get out of sync and the buff no longer drops n both layer, basically breaking this implementation. You need to make it start the event on both layers even if the NPC isn’t reset on the other layer, NPC’s are out of sync on every server atm also until server restart. Basically the buff won’t drop on both layers any time the NPC’s are out of sync and it will stay broken for the whole week until server restart in most cases, all it takes is one NPC kill during the week and it’s out of sync until the realm manages to not drop any heads for hours on both layers.

Edit: This has been tested already btw, it’s not just a guess.


Just purge all the world buffs when we zone into a raid, the whole thing leads to such degenerate behavior.


Remove layering

Remove cd’s on world buffs that have a cd (Ony/nef/rend) etc.

This isn’t hard concepts

Open the transfer PLZZZZ

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Still layering 11 months after release :rofl:


You mean PvP behavior.

how many months later and hunters are still dog crap buggy with fd/traps