WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

Use me as a “Please Remove the 30 Daily Lockout Cap” Button :slight_smile:


This is the dumbest comment i’ve ever heard. Do you realize with this change to do the same amount of botting as before they need 3 additional accounts? Or they need to level up 3 more lvl 60s on different realms. It requires them to put in 4x the effort instead of 1x the effort to do the same amount of botting.
Every time a botter has their accounts banned they have to invest and level up 4 more accounts just to achieve what one single bot could do before this change or they have to spend all that time to level up 4x level 60s across multiple realms.

All of you who are whining cause you can’t exploit dungeons anymore keep crying. This was a great change to combat botting.

What you are missing is that even though they have said that, Dungeons, raids and Battlegrounds all have something very specific in common, they are all instanced content.

Mistakes CAN happen, and making sure they dont by asking to make certain is good for us all.

Yes but they specifically stated dungeons and raids. Not “instances”.

Just like the 30 limit lock is targeted to “instances” but not battlegrounds. (And now 40 man raids)

Just no

if the above is true, how can

also be true?


But if I want to do zg/aq20 I’m just out of luck?

Admitting you have a problem is half the battle. Now, let’s see this terrible change reverted.


“never want to” does not mean “never will”
your comprehension skills need some work

Your thought process need some work, shill.

That reminds me, my monthly check from Blizzard is late. Gotta fix that.

What is meant by "You may now enter a maximum of 30 unique instances " what unique means? so i can enter 30 scarlet monastery dungeon and 30 shadowfang keep so like they are not unique i mean they are different dungeons i could enter 60 a day?


July 8, 2020

WoW Classic

  • Time-based instance limits are now enforced per-character.
    • Developers’ notes: The newer limit of 30 instances in a 24-hour period is an extension of the 5 instances per hour limit, which was tracked per-realm since it was first implemented in 2005. The intention behind both of these restrictions is to reduce the profits for new bots when they first come online and haven’t been removed yet. We’ve concluded that a per-character limit will be just as effective, while being less restrictive to legitimate players who have multiple characters on the same realm.

This will be alot better. Any word on if ZG and AQ20 not be included in the 30 instance lockout?

Have you considered altering the limit to be weekly (210) instead of daily (30)?


Good move, I guess all those people who thought the 30 cap per account was to disrupt " exploitative and automated game play were off the mark?

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Thank you for this change, i think it strikes a balance with what your goal of trying to keep the bot population down while also making it possible to farm for 6 hours in BRD Arena runs for SGC and then play an alt and do some dungeons afterwords without fearing of hitting my cap and being stuck with nothing but open world

I’m confused… is the hotfix only going to affect the 30/24hr cap or also the 5/1hr cap ?

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Since this is clearly a limitation for bots can we please get someway to bypass this as a legitimate player. Like maybe account authentication can remove the 30 cap on players? While this helps a bit…I only want to farm Blade of Eternal Darkness on one character.


Well that’s a nice change overall but it really seems silly this 30/24hr even got used.

I understand the attempt to slow down bots but it’s not really that effective from what I have seen.

Can we change it to a 210/week for the “weekend warriors” it would still be 30/day just putting 7 days together. This would also make setting a tracker system for players to see their instances used much more effective and simpler as it would be a weekly reset like raids so setting a tracker UI would be easier and less conveluted with the 24 hr tracker having to keep track of start times of every instance used.

Just a bit of advise to simplify a possible tracker system and make it easy to put into a UI.