WoW Classic Hotfix -- Raid Party XP Bug

No one is defending exploiting. We are telling you that no exploiting occurred.

Thats an interesting idea, I wonder if they could. I know its a nuanced thing because there are sure to be people just dragged along by friends/guildies.

Suspensions are a pretty harsh, I’d say the vast majority of mass suspensions over Exploits have been EXTREMELY obvious exploits, which this really isn’t, most people wouldn’t bat an eye at the xp they were getting.

Wasn’t really even faster then 5 manning, just more room for error

Then what was fixed? a bug or an exploit? If it was a bug from classic, no fix should be warranted, if it was an exploit, people should be punished, it can’t be both.

They were getting the same xp as a 5 man, be ignorant all you want, but it was an exploit and they should be punished.


Just want to note that this fix is not a tuning adjustment or balance change.

In original WoW, there was an XP penalty while in a group of 6 or more players. A contemporary bug had scrambled the penalty, and that bug is now fixed.

Again, we really appreciate the player reports that brought it to our attention.


then plz ban them.


Why aren’t you punishing the people that abused it then?


It wasn’t the same XP per mob, just the same XP per hour because they could do it faster, they were still getting less XP per mob

You really didn’t look at xp number then, you are dead wrong, dead dead wrong.

even the reddit post proving the numbers were wrong showed they were getting less xp per mob, try again

They clearly stated it was a bug. I get that you want to cling to your poorly designed 15 year old game but blizzard has every right to adjust something they deem detrimental or unintended.

Very glad to hear this. Raiding low level dungeons was never a thing in vanilla and never should be used for power leveling. I just rolled my eyes nonstop the last couple days with the spam of people looking for “cleave meta” groups. I mean wtf is this trash? Thank you Blizz.


A bug that was reported during beta, glad to see the same QA team that worked on BfA worked on Classic.


It was a bug in classic and not vanilla. In other words it was a change. Also, as stated earlier. Using a bug to gain advantage is exploiting.


It wasn’t determined to be a bug. Now blizzard has said it is a bug and fixed it. If someone were to find a way to manipulate a team now and gain the same experience they would be exploiting. They were not exploiting by just playing the game.

It was brought to your attention a long time ago. So I guess you got your main to 60 right kaivax?


You must be trolling. Apes, the guild with 2 world first kills admitted to using this exploit.


Tell that to the people that used potions in BfA and were suspended, they were also just “playing the game” but blizz decided that it was obvious that it was an exploit. This also was an exploit, IN WHAT WORLD WAS RAID LEVELING BETTER THAN GROUP/SOLO. EVERYONE KNOWS IT WASN’T BETTER, SUSPEND THEM.

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To all the idiots saying that APES didn’t abuse it…