WoW Classic Era and Hardcore Hotfixes -- Updated September 26

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Can you guys please hotfix neretzek to scale with spell power? I understand that you added it to the “not a bug” list because while it apparently worked in 1.11, it maybe got patched out in 1.12. But this reasoning is simply silly, seeing as hakkari manslayers, wraith scythe, demonfork, and yes shadowstrike, another 2 hander, all still scale. It’s not only for Ret paladins. You might be surprised, but there are quite a few spellpower warriors, and LOADS of melee spellpower hunters who are very downtrodden by this. Many of us spent DKP, or spent literally hours of played time running soft reserve runs on our characters to get this item, expecting it to work like every other lifesteal effect, only to have our time wasted and dreams shattered. In this era of “meta” gameplay and stacking 30 warriors with the same gear, us folks on the meme team are all that are truly keeping the spirit of vanilla wow alive. Fixing this would NOT be game breaking, it would NOT give unfair advantage, heck, it wouldn’t even stick in the craw of the hardcore “no changes” people because it would go entirely unnoticed by the meta players. Please, make a lot of people happy with this simple little hotfix. I hope you read this and give it some thought. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Any update on the hunter cryptstalker t3 helmets eye problem?

Or the Brimstone Staff visual?

Well we are willingly playing classic, so there is that.

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Here are today’s hotfixes to Classic!

APRIL 22, 2021

WoW Classic

  • The Chronoboon Displacer can now suspend and restore all of Sayge’s Dark Fortunes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Eye of the Dead trinket on-use effect was being consumed by helpful spells, such as Mark of the Wild and Prayer of Fortitude.

your uh… “hotfix” broke something :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Bring the zg boof back. Add ony and rend

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Ya, it would be nice to get the World Buffs on a more ‘on demand’ basis.

I had hoped the Chronoboon would ‘store’ the buffs and then a ‘fuel’ would be purchased from Chromie to power it; giving the user all the stored buffs at any time (with a CD obviously) so long as they had the fuel.

Basically, you’d gather them once and then never need to do the running around to get them each time.

And with a ‘fuel’, there’d be a way to slowly syphon off the excessive amount of gold players have made from “knowing what was coming”.

Hi Kaivax thank you so much for fixing the hunter helm eye visual! You are making classic a better place.

Please can you fix the last major problem for ret paladins? It is a must and it is destroying ret paladins. The 10ms batching has nerfed reckoning and redoubt so bad. Can you watch this and make a specific spell batching like seal twisting for them both? Thank you.

It shows evidence

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It has gotten totally ridiculous on how to create a ticket. Some of us aren’t familiar with transferring files which you have to do to even get help. If my issue isn’t fixed there is absolutely no reason to play a game that won’t work for my character. Most likely WOW doesn’t much care about customer service to save money on techs giving help and losing a customer doesn’t really matter. Be careful, you could lose that “oh well it’s only one guy” over and over again so that adds up to a whole lot of guys and gals. Maybe your profits taking a crash dive is a result. I figure this is falling on deaf ears but even your job could be in jeopardy eventually with management trying to shave expenses. I wish you had a say in this matter they probably don’t listen to you either. That’s my 2 cents but I’ll bet there are alot of players that agree.


Hello! Here’s a WoW Classic hotfix that went live today. :slight_smile:

MAY 24, 2021

WoW Classic

  • Characters below level 60 are no longer teleported out of Silithus.

missing this fix from the game
Patch 2.3.0 (13-Nov-2007): Fixed a bug in which Hunters were able to disengage from combat using Feign Death during boss encounters.

MAY 25, 2021

WoW Classic

  • [NA realms only] Cloned characters with unclaimed mail in their mailbox can now be deleted.

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Thank you for your hard work!